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Citizens Advisory Comm Meetings --- Your Input Needed Before Friday


As you know, there is a huge budget crisis in the City–which is getting bigger every day— the City Council and Staff have abdicated their fiduciary responsibility to the citizens of Sierra Vista and have thrown the “budget ball” at a volunteer commission to come up with solutions.

Staff has been educating the commissioners on what they need to do their jobs and provide the current level of services. Every department repeatedly stated they want more money and more employees– how does this solve the deficit problem??

After weeks of hearing the woes of the City departments and the entire scenario being directed by Mary Jacobs, the final meeting in this series will be Wednesday at 1pm in the Police Department Training Room. 911 N, Coronado. They held a meeting today to sum up what they have heard provided a handout titled “ The Citizens Advisory Commission - A Comprehensive Process” to those that attended. (See attachment below) From one of those attendees comes these comments:

“The CAC has made it clear that their job is to review the revenue stream, not to advise on cutting costs. Is anyone out there looking at cutting costs???

It would appear that since the response period from the public is limited and the questions are phrased and, in my opinion, loaded, the CAC will get what they consider approval to raise taxes, and cutting expenses such as the transportation system, the COVE, outsourcing maintenance and other functions to the private sector will not be addressed.

My recommendations on all this? The public should raise hell! “

While none of these meetings have been held when the public can participate, nor were they videoed for the public to review, there will be a ‘public engagement meeting” on THURSDAY April 2nd from 6pm to 7pm (yes, a whole hour) at the Fire Station 675 Giulio Cesare Ave Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 and another one on Saturday the 4th at 10am at the SV Library.

If you can’t make either of these meetings you can also make comments on “proposed questions” that will be on the “CAC specific facebook page” due to be launched Tuesday 3/31 and on You can provide “input” Tuesday through Friday April 3rd. The CAC will meet again on Tuesday April 7th at the SV Police Department Training Room to tweak and finalize their recommendations before giving them to the City Council on April 16th.

CALL TO ACTION: Attend one of the Public Engagement Meetings and speak up.
April 2nd 6pm at the Fire Station
April 4th 10am at the Library
April 16th City Council Meeting 4pm (when the public still can’t attend)when “the Plan” is presented to the Council. We need to flood the Council Chambers for this one.
Make comments on the fb page
Answer the questions on
Send emails to each of the Council members —

What you need to know:

1. From the “Draft Questions” it is apparent that the conclusions of the CAC will mirror what the City Staff decided when this process started. “Raise taxes or cut services” and just to be sure that you will agree this is the course of action to take they are suggesting by their questions that response times of public safety personnel could take longer; if they don’t get pay raises the Police Force will be substandard; multi-use paths won’t be built (they cost the city $96,000 per mile and taxpayers $500,000 per mile); they WILL raise taxes either with an increase in the sales tax (comparing the SV rate of 1.75% just for retail sales–there are 9 different sales tax rates in the City---- to other cities rates of 1.5% to 3.5%, which are static across the board rates for all of the Transactions sales taxes) and suggest that the city move the $1.3 million in the Capital improvement fund to the General Fund and then want you to vote on any future capital improvements by “property tax bond”—your property!!

2. There are no CUTS suggested to offset the $1,200,000 for the 8% (yes, only 8% differential) for salaries across the board or the $600,000 in pension deficits. Both are assumed to be a given since they are suggesting additional spending

3. They are suggesting $23,800,000 increases in spending but DON’T include the additional $1.2 million in additional salaries or $600,000 in pension deficit in the new spending.

4. There are no CUTS at all.


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