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Much complaining has been heard about the leftist media ignoring or outright covering up critical issues and outright violations of law and constitutional rights of American citizens.  Other than actual drug users, the most common addiction of Americans IS the MEDIA - particularly television. 

Just like bank CEOS, the media depends on shareholders / subscribers for their existence.  Wars can't be fought without money.  George Soros wouldn't be one of the wealthiest persons in the world without people buying his product. 

As the Tea Party presumably searches for a plan of attack for the next election, I suggest initiating a nation-wide boycott of television and all media except the radio.  I can almost hear the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.  If we are serious about changing the mindset of the American public there are a few "difficult" things we must do.  The media is sensitive to public opinion - much more than hypnotized humanoids know. 

The American Family Council discovered that television producers credit one letter to them as representing the opinion of around seven other customers.  The Tea Party should ally themselves with other conservative, family-oriented, groups to develop a platform directed at removing the financial support of those groups working to destroy the moral fabric of America. 

Televison is High Value Target # 1.  All conservatives should unite and become social activists like Charleton Heston when he addressed the media's stockholder conventions.  Mr. Heston wanted to READ the words of a famous (and rich) rapper's songs to the stockholders.  The "central committee" wanted to deny him not only the opportunity to address the audience but tried to prevent him from even entering the convention.  But he prevailed. 

As he proceeded to read aloud the rapper encouraging young people to rape women, kill police officers and other hideous acts of violence against society the audience gasped collectively.  I don't know if any of the attending stockholders withdrew their investments as a result of the expose'.  I doubt it. 

That hits at another of America's addiction: money.  It has been said that "money is the root of all evil".  Not so.  It is the LUST for money that is the root of all evil.  Sacrificing sound -and eternal- social principles for the acquisition of material things.  That is how we created a professional political body and came to the uncivilized cesspool we are in now. 

     Just as I doubt significant numbers will cancel their cable or satellite subscriptions.  I did for about two years.  The difference in my home was amazing.  More interpersonal communication, more reading of good literature, more good music, more peace and harmony.  I started music lessons again and tried more recreational activities.  I wrote more - including letters to TV producers. I spent more time with my dog.  I went to the gym more.  I was amazed out how easy the transition went when I filled time with truly relaxing and productive activities. 

Internet can be used free at libraries and some eating establishments like MacDonald's - as can be newspapers.  I don't need the increasingly frequent and increasingly longer intellectually insulting commercials and programming in my home.  I don't need to be reminded that, as a white male, husband and father, I am ridiculed and demeaned by the media in every commercial. 

The recent election results are not just a political problem.  It is a reflection of where our society has devolved.  Stop using TV as a baby sitter, to relax after a busy day.or as background noise.  Turn the radio on (or not) and sit on your porch to enjoy God's creation.  I guarantee your life will improve and you will sleep better.  If the Savior were to enter your home today would he watch TV?  Stop wasting time surrendering yourself to the "Boob Tube". 

If Americans are serious about restoring the American culture, we should begin by pulling the financial rug out from under the  institution the Left uses to lead the assault on it.     

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Right on Mike!  When my kids were little we didn't have TV for several years because I couldn't afford the cable bill. We used an antenna and got one station not very well.  They really didn't miss it, they went outside and did what kids used to do.  I didn't miss it either.  For me now it is background noise because I KNOW there is not much truth on it. I don't even watch FOX much because they are liberalizing their news more and more.  Every now and then there are a couple of reporters like Katherine Herridge and John Stossel who really made a difference with their factual reporting.

The MSM is ingrained and until people wake up on their own nothing is going to happen to change the direction or policy or manipulation or aggrandizement of themselves.  The progressive communists are in charge of the media. It has been a long and valiant effort they have taken to infiltrate and control the journalistic schools in the ivy league schools. That has filtered down to kindergarten. "1984" was the beginning of the end and they are almost there.

This election was the watershed for the takeover of the USA by the communists, new world order and the muslim brotherhood.  Events are about to unfold quickly and perhaps too fast for us to counter.  Our direction is to change from within our states and save our states, counties and communities. 

Not all Americans want the direction to change because they are getting on the dole and this election proves they are the majority because the Republicans decided to stay home to "prove" some whiny point.  Those Repubs won't get a second chance to vote out the communists agenda.  It is too late!

From here forward we need to ask everyone we know "did you vote"?  if not, why not??  we need to find the trigger that will get them off their asses for 2014.  If we fail to do that common sense will never win another election.....hell,. we couldn't even "win" common sense for the City Council.

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