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In Rep Martha McSally's Newsletter she explained why she is voting to fund the DHS and it is all for the wrong reasons:

Prioritizing homeland security

Southern Arizona is home to thousands of men and women who put on the uniform every day to keep our country and community safe, including nearly 2,000 Border Patrol agents. Instead of playing games with their funding, Congress can stop presidential overreach by getting to work and doing its job. That means securing our border and fixing our broken immigration system.

Read my op-ed in USA TODAY about how Congress can get to work stopping presidential overreach and strengthening our national security.

The fight between the House and Senate with DHS is NOT about funding -- it is about preserving the Constitutional separation of powers.  Congress makes laws, the President enforces them.  The House has the power of the purse and doesn't have to fund any program they chose not to.  What the House is doing IS their job!!  (The other myth is that the immigration system is broken ---it is not!  issue for another day)  

The funding to implement his executive amnesty is in the DHS funding. The bill clearly spells out what the funding cannot be used for.  In order to stop amnesty that portion of the bill needs to be separated so the rest of DHS can be funded and no shut down of the "security" portions (TSA, Coast Guard, ICE, CBP -- as if they can actually do their jobs).  The portion that funds the new programs must be separated from the whole bill and not funded.

The funding also covers two new programs: "Task Force for New Americans" and "Receiving Communities" intended to make the transition into the US go easily for up to 15,000,000 new "refugees" .  You need to hear this for yourself:

In spite of the fact there may be some issues with procedure in the House, the vote is scheduled for 5pm est 2pm mt. we need to swamp the phones in DC and McSally's in particular. Quick talking points of one or two short sentences to her in DC number:  "Vote NO to fully fund DHS" emphasize the Constitution

Do NOT vote to fund DHS
Do NOT allow one more person to gain amnesty
Do NOT condone the Unconstitutional actions of the President

Do Vote to secure the Constitutional separation of powers
Do Vote to support the Officers and Agents of ICE and CBP
Do Vote to stop the fundamental transformation of the United States

Do Vote to bring those who are stuck in the immigration system who have paid their fees,  filed the proper papers and who are waiting for permission to come to the US. 

Thank you for all you do


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