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New County Admin Hiring Process - You Don't Have A Voice - Call for Action

When Pima County selected their new County Administrator a week or so ago the Board let the public talk to the final 2, Mary Jacobs SV Assistant City Manager and Mike Ortega, Cochise County Administrator.   Mike Ortega was selected for the position.

The Cochise County Board of Sups has been in the process of finding Mike Ortega's replacement nation wide.  They have narrowed the search down to the "Final Five".  

You can read their resume's here:  

The Sups will be interviewing them on April 9th and 10th.  You, on the other hand and unlike Pima County, will not get to participate like the citizens in Pima County.

Well, that is not entirely true.... the Editorial in today's paper (3/20/2015) points out the fact that while we have more information on the County Administrator applicants via their resume's, the public is still not invited to the party.  The interview's will be behind closed doors.

You won't get to talk to them or watch the proceedings BUT you can read the resume's and then comment on the "pro's and cons of their resume's" directly to Supervisor Pat Call at    There is no further comment about what Supervisor Call will do with the comments or even if he will read them.  

If you think the public should have a bigger voice in the process or at least have the opportunity to hear/watch the interviews this is the time to let the Supervisors know.  If you think the open meeting law should apply to the interviews of the future County Admin please email:

Pat Call

Ann English

Richard Searle

The Sups are pretty comfortable in keeping the public out of the process because they don't get many comments on much of anything they do.  We are not paying much attention.  Course it is not like they have the meetings at a convenient time for the public to participate AND they do not RECORD their meetings for playback.....

They also cite the low response rate they got for the County Comprehensive Plan public meetings and the low response for their public survey as well.  The Sups will be voting on the Comprehensive Plan on Tuesday 3/24. You still have until Monday to comment. The Plan is only 43 pages and it is an easy read (unlike the 163 pages of the SV  Vista 2030.)

County Comprehensive Plan here:

Comment Survey here:

there is also the Transportation Survey on the same page as the Comment Survey.

If you want to comment on the Comprehensive Plan email the Sups directly.

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