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Obama: America's Chamberlain, America's Mau-Mau

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with two notable Sierra Vista residents. I looked them up in the phone book after reading one of their articles in the local paper. Bill and Nancy Goldcamp are both retired from the C.I.A. Bill is a diplomatic historian and retired as a political analyst from the Agency. His wife, Nancy, retired from the Agency as an analyst and editor. I'm extracting the two thoughts in the title from one of their articles: 1. Obama should be "ushered out the door much the same as Britain's Prime Minister Nevill Chamberlain was" when he allowed Hitler to bulldog (the American translation = "B.S.") him into thinking he had won "Peace in Our Time" but in fact had only allowed Hitler to conquer much of Europe without a fight putting Britain in great peril. We are in the same position under Barack Hussein Obama's occupation of the White House......only worse. I believe, like most clear thinking, informed American citizens, that Obama is a muslim. Why else change his name in college? He did the same thing in college that black inmates overwhelmingly do in prison - become a member of the Black Muslims. This only radicalized the muslim-raised Obama. This has been going on for half a century and a great concern to law enforcement for an equal amount of time. Prisons and colleges have been the recruiting grounds for radicalizing black Americans since the '60s - since the president of the Black Panthers, Huey Newton, a cop-killer, uttered his famous cry "Burn! Baby! Burn!". It frustrates me to no end that Fox political commentators "can't understand" why Obama would watch the attack on our embassy in Benghazi and refuse to authorize a military response to save American lives. Judge Jeanne, O'Reilly, Hannity, all persist in asking "Why would Obama lie?" "Why would Obama refuse to act to save American lives?" Well, for the HEARING IMPAIRED IT IS BECAUSE HE IS A MUSLIM! Once you add that to your analysis everything makes sense. That's why his bow to the Saudi King was instinctive. Obama considers the king his superior in the muslim faith. The Saudi King is considered the Defender of the Faith in the muslim world. It is no exaggeration to compare Obama to Britain's Chamberlain. The consequences of a black socialist being elected to the most powerful political position in the world's strongest nation are at least as endangering as the capitulation of most of Europe to Adolph Hitler. But instead of Europe Obama has more than capitulated the Middle East to radical islamists, he has facilitated it with billions of dollars and an unknown number of weapons to the very organizations that want all Americans (and Israelis) dead That used to be called treason. The laws governing Subversion and Treason haven't been used since World War II. They should have been used against Jane Fonda and her ilk during Vietnam when she was sitting behind North Vietnamese anti-aircraft guns while they were shooting down American B-52s. 2. The reason Obama sent the bust of Winston Churchill that had been sitting in the Oval Office since Eisenhower's administration back to England is because "Churchill defeated the Mau-Mau rebellion in Kenya in the 1950s". Kenya is Obama's ancestral homeland. I've been to Kenya. It's a beautiful country with good people and good soldiers - at least it was in the '80s. I've been to several African countries. Enough to see for myself that Great Britain -unlike all the other colonizing powers (France, Spain, Portugal, Germany) - left her former colonies with functioning infrastructures and a literate population. The Mau-Mau rebellion was not a popular uprising with the majority of the various tribes within the borders of the country. It was a movement initiated and supported by the Soviet Union. True, their public agenda was independence. But their hidden agenda was genocide of the other tribes and centralized government. (read "Five Fingers" by Colonel Frank Kitson - a remarkable British counterinsurgent). Their favorite tactic was hacking people of all colors to death and drinking their blood. This is the movement and the ideals that inspired Obama to change his name. These are the "Dreams of His Fathers" he speaks of in his book. He announced a Mau-mau type agenda of racial vengeance during his acceptance speech upon becoming editor of the Harvard Law Review ("more racial inclusion"). It was reiterated by Eric Holder when he was appointed by Obama to be the Attorney General of the United States ("It's time WE got OURS"). That agenda has been enforced through the "selective" enforcement of our Bill of Rights .....and a lot of presidential decrees ....for the last four years on the backs of non-blacks. America.won't survive another four. We are not just voting for another politician to occupy the White House. We are voting to save the Constitution and America as we know it. If you've ever read Ronald Reagan's speech at the Republican convention of 1968 you will recognize everything he warned us about today. Multiplied by 100.

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