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Almost everyone, except the political Mossad, have entirely missed the obvious set-up within the Colorado RNC/GOPe debate.  They had a plan, they had a very good plan, this was their home-turf, this was their home audience – this was personal.

The GM, Reince, had gone along with the family and developed a political strategy; a very political strategy.  The umpires:  John Harwood, Carl Quintanilla, were pre-selected, vetted, nudged, and the necessary game-saving political ball was resting easily upon the tee….  But Jeb whiffed !

Yes, RNC Chairman Reince Prebius was angry last night post-debate, but he wasn’t necessarily frustrated by the venue, his frustration was the collapse of the best laid plan.  Jeb whiffed.

Colorado is Bush Country – we tried to draw attention to this before the debate.

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Reince back peddled on Hannity tonight.  It was an obvious set up but the candidates blew the whole thing wide open. Won't happen again because Reince has been put on notice!!



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