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Trump said that the US negotiators of the TPP, specifically John Kerry, were horrible and then said China was part of the trade deal.  Cruz, Bush, and others, made a big deal that China was NOT part of the TPP.........  never doubt Trump. Once again he is far far far ahead of the game:

♦  Notice during last nights debate who was saying China is not part of TPP, contrast against who was honestly saying TPP carries a backdoor for China (and Russia) to join.

NOVEMBER 4th – In an interview with Russian interstate channel Mir TV, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry invited China and Russia to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

“We invite people to come join other initiatives, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the TPP. We welcome China, we welcome Russia, we welcome other countries who would like to join, as long as they want to raise the standards and live up to the highest standards of protecting people and doing business openly and transparently and accountably,” said Secretary Kerry.  (read more)  State Dept Link HERE

Donald Trump was entirely correct.  Senator Rand Paul was factually incorrect.

BOTTOM LINE – Look, it might hurt Cruz supporters to admit what took place, and the transparency of motive behind what drove his decision making; but it makes no sense at all to ignore the truth of what took place.

Unfortunately, Ted Cruz is part of the Wall Street purchased construct that is currently infecting our entire body politic. The connections to the U.S. CoC legislative agenda, and Goldman Sachs are evident within action not words, along with KtP  and obviously his wife Heidi Cruz.

Ted Cruz Explains why he supports (TPA) Trade Promotion Authority:

watch video here:

@01:56 “I support TPA” ~ Ted Cruz

Don’t pay attention to what they say, pay attention to what they DO !!

Read the rest of the article here:

Check out "The Conservative Treehouse"  they have been leading the MSM  in news where DC issues are concerned and right.

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Love the Treehouse.  Love Trump.  ALL of the others can or have been bought.  But the GOPe has it's plan...Bush or Rubio....


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