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The City approved an ADOT proposal for upgrading the lighting on Highway 90 from Fry's to Guilio Ceasare including a multi use path, woo hoo, AND a Hybrid Pedestrian Beacon. What's that??  good question.  It is an at will stop light so the people on the north side of Highway 90 across the street from the Circle K can cross the street any time they want.  

The Beacon stops traffic without regard to the traffic flow or the supposed synchronization of the lights from 92 to Guilio Ceasare.   They say this is necessary because there have been 3 fatalities on that stretch of road.  Course they don't tell you that those fatalities occurred because people did not cross at the lighted cross walk.  It was too inconvenient to walk half a block to cross the street.  The bad decisions of 3 people now require every driver using Highway 90 to be interrupted on their drive home at the whim of a bottle of beer.

The real joke of this project is the 92 street lights that are now the standard for the ONE FING MILE OF ROAD. (up from 12)

Here is how it works:


Got it?? GOOD!!  because there will be a cop sitting there to make sure that you do follow the rules....

New crosswalk goes live

Project addresses dangerous crossing 

A Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon will go live on Highway 90 west of Giulio Cesare Avenue on Tuesday.

   New to Cochise County, the pedestrian-triggered system was first employed in Tucson before being rolled out in other cities. It features three lights, two red and one yellow. As with a typical traffic signal, yellow means prepare to stop, solid red means stop and flashing red means treat it like a stop sign, proceeding only if the crosswalk is clear.

   The crosswalk was installed by the Arizona Department of Transportation as part of a larger project to improve that section of roadway, which has seen multiple pedestrian fatalities in recent years. The lights along the road have been upgraded so motorists can better see pedestrians at night. A 1-mile shared use path has also been constructed and the sidewalks have been widened.

   The $1.7 million project was funded with federal Highway Safety Improvement Project dollars.

   For more information, click here


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