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Every day there is another book that comes out that everyone "must read" because it is the definitive answer to solving the worlds issues, the truth about ______ (fill in the blank), historic data that explains everything. Every book is a "must read."

We can't all read every book, there aren't enough hours in the day, week or month. We certainly can't afford to pay for every book either and if it is halfway good it will be weeks before you will be able to reserve it at the library.  Kindle is no solution either, you still can’t get a new edition for less than $10.00 and you don’t get that tactile experience.

So if your library is over flowing and you would like to share or sell your books this is the place to do that.  This is also the place to practice your literary skills and do a synopsis of the last book you read to entice others to go out and buy the book or the ones you want to sell.

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TEA Party Recommendations

Here is a list of the Videos we have available for "check-out" for sharing.  House Parties are a great idea too.  Grab a movie, get some popcorn and invite friends of the other persuasion ans see if you can change some minds.  If you would like to view one of these movies email me @ or click on the picture of the Capitol under "members".  Please leave a phone number.

AGENDA: GRINDING DOWN AMERICA  Rep. Curtis Bowers  This is a must see!! Where are we and where are we going?  this movie will give you the answers and you will be surprised.

THEY COME TO AMERICA Dennis Michael Lynch  Illegal immigration as seen through the eyes of the "end user".   How one man gets hooked on the illegal problem in America.  Excellent movie.

THE HOPE AND THE CHANGE Citizens United Production   A Look at the Hope and change promised by Obama in 2008 and where the change happened and who has the hope now.

GENERATION ZERO  Citizens United Production  Explores the causes of the coming economic meltdown and the results that will be faced by future generations (especially since obama was re-elected even though this movie was done before the election)

THE DETERMINATORS: Tea Party Patriots  Which side of the economic threat posed by Obamacare are you on what what does that really mean?

AGENDA 21 CONFERENCE - 2DVD's  Just like being there.  Speakers and workshops of the Conference in Florida in 2011.  If you want a real education of what Agenda 21 is and how it is infiltrating every facet of our lives this will give you an overview of how it started and how quickly it was embraced by the government even though it has NOT been approved by the Senate.

INVASION PART I  Mark Hager, North Carolina  Mark and his film crew filmed this movie here on the border.  They came to find out how the illegals get into the country and what happens when they cross the border, how does that happen and what are the local effect?  They got more than they bargained for!  Part II will be out around Christmas.

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Started by Joanne C Daley. Last reply by j fredenburgh Oct 6, 2013. 4 Replies

This is not a book but is a free lecture series on what Conservatism is to many national public figures.  The Leadership Institute describes the series as:Activism alone is dangerous. Education alone…Continue

Tags: history, future, Conservatism, lecture

The Miracle of Self Power

Started by Joanne C Daley Jan 16, 2013. 0 Replies

The Miracle of Self Power by Iris D Lynch is not a political book but it will help you "handle" politics.  The book teaches you how to recognize and appreciate your own power and learn to ignore the…Continue

Tags: Iris, power

Liberty and Tyranny - A Conservative Manifesto

Started by Joanne C Daley. Last reply by j fredenburgh Jan 3, 2013. 1 Reply

Liberty and Tyranny - A Conservative Manifesto  by Mark LevinIf you have ever listened to Mark Levin on the radio  you will hear his voice as you read this book.  He takes the issues of the day and…Continue

The Creature From Jekyll Island - Birth of the Federal Reserve

Started by Joanne C Daley. Last reply by j fredenburgh Jan 3, 2013. 1 Reply

The Creature from Jekyll Island - A Second look at the Federal Reserve  by G Edward GriffinThis is a very intimidating book of 608 pages but is well written and interesting and it is a fast read. …Continue

Tags: Jekyll, Reserve, Federal

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Comment by Joanne C Daley on November 23, 2012 at 1:59am

Mike, it was Cleon who was the FBI agent back in the 50's.  Incredible man who was defamed as being far right wacko.  Here is his bio on Wiki--sounds pretty sane and prophetic to me!! wayyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of his time!  I didn't know he was advisory to Reagan.  Reagan should have heeded Cleons ideas--end the fed and privatize social security!!  we would be free now instead of enslved to the debt ceiling.

Comment by Mike Ligon on November 3, 2012 at 6:04am

Both Leon and his brother Cleon are subject matter experts on America and the constitution - as well as relating scripture to the Middle East today.  One if them is a retired FBI agent who taught criminal law while I was in the CrimJustice program at BYU.  They started an organization called The FreeMen back then ('70s) but I don't know if it still exists.  Anything by them is a good recommendation and easy to read.

Comment by Mike Ligon on October 30, 2012 at 11:14pm

Glad to hear others of the same opinion re: O'Reilly and Smith.  What really got my ire up with them was their comment "There simply is no excuse for shooting Travon Martin".  Well, yes there is.  It's called self defense.  But as you've articulated, their liberal bias/upbringing reveals its' (their) ugly head.  When I read O'Reilly's first book about himself I finished by asking "Where's the beef?"  I wrote Fox during the Trayvon Martin uproar and asked if Fox was going to fire Smith.  To use O'Reilly's vernacular to describe himself: he's a bloviating blowhard.  It drives me crazy when someone smarter than him is explaining issues and he interrupts to take the spotlight back.  Hannity is the worse interviewer on Fox setting up a paragraph of prearranged facts before asking the guest to confirm his opinion.  I hope John Bolton is brought back as U.N. rep (after they send the U.N. to Paris where it will be on home ground).  Baer and one or two other commentators who are polite, ask the question then listen to a complete answer.....that's journalism. 

Comment by Katie Miller on August 27, 2012 at 11:58am

No I agree Shep Smith is on my do not watch list also. I stopped watching Bill a long time ago unless Laura is the host. The book just made my blood boil all through it. I may give it to the Republicans so they can see what he really is about.

Comment by Joanne C Daley on August 27, 2012 at 10:27am

O'Reilly has proved more than once where this Pres is concerned that he is a pin head.  His democrat up bringing has bubbled to the surface during the 2008 election....  I quit watching his show because it was just a little too far left when he was supposed to be fair and balanced.  When I want left I watch CNN.... Shep Smith is pushing the boundaries of reporting and editorializing as we head into another election cycle....  off topic sorry....

Comment by Katie Miller on August 26, 2012 at 10:25pm

Just read "Pinheads and Patriots" by Bill O'Reilly. Just made me more upset with o'Reilly than anything. Interesting take of some people. Not nearly critical enough of our President. Has his complete interview with him (boring) Neither one of them can complete a sentence or not stutter their words. Would not recommend it at all.


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