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Election 2014 - AFTERMATH


Election 2014 - AFTERMATH

Repubs across the nation were benefited by the statement from Obama stating that his policy's were on the ballot winning more House seats than ever and taking back control of the Senate. Voters emphatically voted against the OAdmin but didn't really vote FOR Repubs. They, however, don't get it and are strategically grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory---again. The aftermath will be all the stupid things they do to lose in 2016.

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Resources for the 2014 Election

In order to be able to discern who our candidates should be for the 2014 election we need to know info about them.  I will be posting lists of websites where you can check out information about the people running for office both incumbents and first timers.  I will also list general sources as I find them.  Yes, there are months before the election but I am gathering the sources now so we will have a good list by election time.  If you have sources that you use please share also -- you can email me with the links at and I will post to this list.

Thanks!   Contacting Congress -- overall info about Congress and its members, committees, leadership and more. A good site to explore.  This has been around since 1996.  This site is referenced by "Contacting Congress" as one of their resources but there is some good info available on this site we can use to contact specific  Congress Critters under their "Power Search " tab    This is one of the best websites available as it has the voting records of all the candidates, elections, voting and more.  Put this at the top of your list!  

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Add This to The List of Reasons Never to Vote Republican Again

Started by Joanne C Daley. Last reply by j fredenburgh Mar 13, 2015. 1 Reply

After being handed a landslide election the Repub leadership is determined never to have a majority in either House or Senate ever again.  They have determined that it is too tough to fight the Dems…Continue

Tags: Hatch, illegals, Grassley, base, cave

Repubs Can't Win Without the Conservative Base.

Started by Joanne C Daley. Last reply by j fredenburgh Jan 1, 2015. 3 Replies

This is an excellent analysis of what the establishment elitists are missing about independents.  Great article!What ruling class Republicans fail to understand about independentsBy Bryan Fischer, …Continue

Tags: voting, 2016, independents, conservative, right

McCain Hates You and Conspired Against the TEA Party

Started by Joanne C Daley. Last reply by j fredenburgh Jan 1, 2015. 1 Reply

Pay attention to who is in McCain's pocket and vote them out starting with the current AZGOP Chair and all those who have enabled him.  New Gov Doug Ducey is also a McCain pal as is Martha McSally.…Continue

Tags: revenge, LaFaro, retaliate, PC's, PAC

Repubs Action List Getting Longer -- Climate Change

Started by Joanne C Daley. Last reply by j fredenburgh Dec 29, 2014. 1 Reply

Republicans plan to attack Obama's climate agenda early and oftenBY ZACK COLMAN…Continue

Tags: Clean, water, act, 111D, EPA

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