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I'm new to this group but some of you may have read my book "10 Years On the Line: My War on the Border" (Hastings &  I mentioned in my book the website by David Beck "NumbersUSA".  It doesn't get any clearer than that.  The Tea Party and the real conservatives of the GOP should make Beck's presentation the main plank in their platform.  The consequences are not racial - they are national identity consequences.  The legal latino community is not united on the socialist or welfare or immigration agenda.  Every poll shows most do not want to have the U.S. be like Mexico.  We need to identify what latinos cherish about living here and exploit that.  ........unless it really is the free  benefits.  I agree  we have to stop legal immigration......and implement the 9/11 Commission's recommendation to establish and EXIT verification data base to show visitors on visas are LEAVING.  Both houses of Congress have deleted that from bills on several occasions.  Read "Alien Nation" by Brimhall.   

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The Tea party groups don't take on social issues because there are special interest patriot groups that focus on single issues like Numbers USA BUT we are brothers in arms so to speak and support and belong to each others groups. They also work together on big events.  However, we are doing out reach to the Latino community for the reasons you stated.  What we have run into, though, is that the initial contact needs to come from within their community.  Attempts to contact direct are deemed suspicious.  

Tea party Patriots and several of the tea party groups are putting up Spanish language pages and translations of the basic information about the tea party.  We will have links to those soon. They strted working on them back in June but this little thing called an "election" kinda put everything else on the back burner.

It only takes one or two people interested and it opens doors when they find out that the Tea Party is for the rule of law and against illegal immigration only---some of US are legal aliens too!!


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