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On April 29th AZ Rep Ruben Gallego presented an amendment to the NDAA funding bill to allow DACA illegals  specific entrance to the military. This is a redundant bill since illegals are allowed to enlist in the military and gain citizenship provided they have a clean criminal record.

This bill gives particular status to DACA illegals who are just given blanket amnesty without any criminal record check and gives credence to the unconstitutional edict by Obama for DACA.      

McSally voted with the Democrats and 5 Repubs on the House Armed Services Committee to approve this redundant bill in favor of DACA allowing it to pass 33-30. Other Repubs voting with the Dems are LoBiando, Coffman Gibson, Zinke and MacArthur.

It is NEVER OK to vote for any amnesty program and profess to be a conservative and certainly NOT if their district borders Mexico.   

Bill amendment language:

Vote Talley of all members of the subcommittee:

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