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Boehner said he wanted to "clean up the barn" before he left office to include a 2 year budget, reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank and increasing the debt limit then Paul Ryan can have a clean slate when he takes over the Speakership.  

The budget was presented for a vote today which gave Congress critters all of 24 hours to read it, digest it and try to determine what it will really cost.   This budget is proposed for 2 years Congress won't have to bother with a messy budget issue in the middle of the election.... how thoughtful!!  

The Ex-Im Bank vote  was yesterday and that passed 313-118 (McSally and Salmon voted FOR it  117 Repubs voted against). One check on Boehner's list.

The 2 year Budget Bill passed today 266-167, McSally being one of 79 Repubs who voted FOR it because she owes Boehner.  Also in that bill is an extension of the debt ceiling to March of 2017 with NO LIMIT!!!.... check and check.... 3 for 3.   


Weeks of negotiations between Boehner, McConnell, Pelosi, Reid finished late Monday night, vote on Wednesday.... NOT regular order!!

Reduction in Social Security and Medicare and transferred to Social Security Disability to keep it solvent

Stops defense cuts, more money going to troops, lift sequester caps.

“About the process, I can say this: I think the process stinks,” Ryan said.

Yes, Mr Ryan, we all thinks this stinks to high heaven!!!!!

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