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WTSHTF - Preparing for Emergencies


WTSHTF - Preparing for Emergencies

When the Monument Fire hit our area last year and some people had to evacuate in a hurry the discussion of what are the most important things to take became front page news with lots of advice on how to be prepared should the need arise.  Lots of people created their "Bug Out Bag" and kept it in a place they could grab on the way out.  Still have yours?

Now, we are hearing that the President has ordered the military to prepare for civil unrest in the wake of the elections.  True or contrived?  we won't know until it happens but if the actions of Occupy Wall Street and its dupes are any indication then I assume they will.  

The country of India just experienced a total blackout of their electric grid which sent 6 billion people back into the dark ages for days.  The US breadbasket is in the middle of a severe drought which is sending food prices for corn and wheat skyrocketing.  Although gas prices are finally going down here in town ( a gallon of gas in Tucson is $.30 CHEAPER) the price of crude is expected to rise again with a false flag before the election.   And for those members who are real Si-Fi fans, like me, there is the ever present  loom of an EMP (electro magnetic pulse)  wiping out all electronics in minutes. With the border wide open and still no efforts by the Obama administration to close it to terrorists, and Janet Nappy admitting that the odd terrorists gets through every now and then, it is becoming more of a threat everyday because we sit on Ft Huachuca's doorstep...but that is fodder for late night TV, maybe.  BUT how often do we have lightning storms and the power goes out??  A LOT!  The power went out last week with the first BIG storm and 4,000 - 5,000 people sat in the dark for 5 hours.

Can't happen here!! maybe not but it CAN happen in Phoenix or Tucson or Flagstaff and what would that mean to us here?  Did you know that the grocery stores only keep fresh food on hand for 3 days? If martial law were declared in the larger cities there would be no deliveries to the rural areas because the distribution centers are in Phoenix.  The deliveries that we depend on are still brought in the old fashioned way on trucks because nothing has been devised that is more efficient.

The other thing that can happen that has nothing to do with terrorists, or drought or power failures and is truely more likely is the value of the dollar to drop causing inflation, stagnation and more unemployment.  The worst thing that could happen is for Obamacare to be fully implemented because that absolutely will send us into communism with more “takers” than “payers”.  With our Governor playing God with the futures of our children and grandchildren that is the more likely scenario.

The purpose of this group is to share the basics in the event any of these catastrophes happen, exchange  knowledge of what to have on hand for marginal emergencies, and to create a network within ourselves in the event of the worst possible event. We may not have cell phones or the internet or all the other amenities we really hate anyway so what do we need to do to make sure we are all safe, fed and housed?   When the “stuff” hits the fan (WTSHTF) we will only have ourselves to rely on because we will be totally cut off from the things we take for granted.  

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The Basics


Bug Out Bag

Every one in your family should have their own Bug Out Bag that contains the minimum things that they will need if you have to leave your home instantly. This is not a bag that you pack, it is a bag you grab and go. You want to keep it by the door so you can grab it on the way out.

For your bag you want to get a good quality back pack that is water tight and is comfortable on your back. It is something that you want to try on before you buy it. For kids, a rolling back pack works. Make a list of personal items each member of your family will need to bring with you like medications, first aid kit, phone chargers, spare glasses, etc.

Consider the time of the year too.  You will not need to bring a lot of clothes in the summer but you will need rain gear.  In the winter you will need extra warm clothes. Once you make your list gather everything together and try to fit it into your bag then start eliminating things that either don't fit or make your bag heavy to carry.  You may need to make a family bug out bag with the common items like a first aid kit, water filter, tent, etc.

Here is a list of things recommended by the BugOutGuy:

Water     There are not too many things heavier than water nor more critical. If you are traveling on foot, you need a way to purify water instead of carrying it. I like filters the best, but the iodine or other pills can work and are light. Remember you might not make it past 3 days without water.

- water filter
- purification tablets
- water containers (collapsible)
- water itself

Food     Food is heavy and spoils. The best solution is freeze dried food. It is light since it doesn't have water, just add water. Pouches have a 7 year shelf life. Buy a Jetboil stove to heat up water fast.

- portable stove with fuel
- freeze dried food
- canned food
- snacks that need no preparation (nuts, dried fruits)
- knife/fork/spoon
- mess kit

Shelter   It gets cold, it rains, the bugs won't let you sleep. You need shelter

- tent
- sleeping bag
- pancho

Light  -  It is hard to do anything without light. Everyone should have their own flashlight.

- flashlight with batteries (rechargeable)
- crank flashlight

Fire -  regular matches can get damp so inexpensive butane lighters ae light and easy to carry.

- lighter

-waterproof matches 

-Swedish Firesteel

-axe with blade sheath and sharpener.

Medical  -  Lots of little things happen when we are outside of our little safe houses. Big ones can happen too.

- medical kit with the standard stuff
- any of your prescription meds
- common meds like aspirin, allergy or stuff for colds/coughs
- Celox and barrier bandages for major wounds that can kill

Tools  - You will need tools. Expect the unexpected.

- multitool with all sorts of tools like can opener, pliers, wire cutter, etc.
- swiss army type knife
- knife
- duct tape
- ziplock bags

Communications -   Information is super critical in emergencies.. otherwise you might bug out into more trouble!
- hand crank radio
- scanner
- two way radio
- cell phone and crank charger (new solar chargers can power a lot of your electronics including computers.)

Money - Money is always good.  You will want to find a place in your vehicle that you can lock to keep your money.

- rolls of quarters and change for vending machines/payphones
- cash paper money for people who are still accepting it (don't expect to pop over to the ATM machine)
- gold/silver/plantinum for money that isn't going to be worth nothing
- ammunition if things are really nuts. people seem to want it all of a sudden and it is a compact store of value.

Documents - You will need to bring copies of all your important documents because you may not be able to get back to your house for days or weeks.
- Usb drive with important info such as photos of every room in your house for insurance purposes
- Hard drive with important info
- Papers, house deed etc.

Weapons  -   goes wthout saying

- knife- pistol for defense
- pistol or rifle for shooting animals to eat

Miscellaneous Items -   these are things that you will need specific to your situation.

- zip lock bags-- put everything in ziplock bags, you will use them for all sorts of things

-folding scissors

-folding umbrellas

Read more;

check prices 

Some great misc links:

1. PDF for easy reference:
2. 1881 Househould Cyclopedia:
3. Combined Arms Ops in Urban Terrain:; fully indexed here:
4. Military First Aid, FM 4-25.11:
5. Survival, Evasion and Recovery, Army, Navy, MC, AF:
6. Emergency War Surgery Nato Handbook:
7. Guide to Raised Bed Gardening in Miami-Dade:
8. Canning:
9. Ranger Handbook, SH 21-76:
10. Where There Is No Dentist:


Buy American Made Products

This website has a lot of products that are made in America by Americans.  They have a newsletter that goes out weekly. Might be worth your subscription with Christmas coming


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Comment by Joanne C Daley on September 5, 2012 at 3:15pm

Here is the Fema web site with lots of lists and videos on how the government thinks you should be prepared in case of an emergency.

Comment by Joanne C Daley on September 5, 2012 at 3:07pm

This is National Preparedness Month sponsored by FEMA.... did you know that??  me either.......

In the event of another disaster will you be waiting for Fema to show up or can you take care of yourself and your family?

Lots of good tips and links in this article

Comment by j fredenburgh on September 1, 2012 at 12:22pm

come to the meeting on saturday the 8th....evaluate interest....I know I am.  thanks for your work!


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