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Republicans to Watch- Unmasked!

Romney Rockefeller New World Order Kristol Paul Ryan a Hillary Clinton th[6]

Watch the republicans who work against Trump and who fail to attend the convention - some are very familiar names.  These people are the cause of the problem in the party and for our nation covering the time since Reagan. Have you once thought that the republican and the democratic parties seem the same.

The battle is not left versus right or liberal versus conservative.  The battle is open borders, one…


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McSally Liberal Voting record

I voted for and supported Ms. McSally's bid for congress.  I had hoped she would be a voice of the true conservatives in her district.  However, her voting record indicates she is not a true conservative at all.  In fact her voting record is not that much different from Barber's/Gifford's.  McSally's votes on H.R. 1314 and House Res 495 increased the National Debt and funded the Obama agenda.  Her vote on H.R. 4038 was also in line with the Obama agenda.  However, her biggest betrayal (so…


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McSally's Defense of DHS

I am a retired immigration inspector who worked at the Douglas, Az. Port of Entry.  U.S. Rep Martha McSally’s USA Today “Don’t Cripple Homeland Security” editorial of Feb. 25, 2015 is typical political double speak.  McSally has no real “street creds” to speak on immigration.  She is (with the help of GOP cronies)…


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Tell the FCC and Congress - No Net Nutrality

The FCC is about to make a power grab limiting our use of the internet.  You will not be able to freely make blog posts, etc.  You will not have a free voice on the internet.  Internet service providers will not be able to keep up with the new regulations and will have difficulty being able to stay in business and provide a choice of services.  Our access to information will be limited.  Additionally, under their new rules, internet business will have to be licensed.  We only have a few days…


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Time to get rid of McCain

Those of us that have followed the tenure of John McCain know that he is a Republican/Conservative in name only. With the latest actions taken by the hypocritical Mr.McCain, we see that he is doing everything possible to diminish the Tea Party in Arizona. By eliminating people from the Tea Party from district offices within the Republican party, he is trying to pave a path for a possible run for the Senate in 2016. It is time for the Tea Party to step up and begin applying pressure to the…


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The Sierra Vista City Council will be deciding whether to apply for CDBG grants now that Sierra Vista is a new "entitlement" city, at a special meeting Tuesday, August 12th at 3pm. HUD's new rules intend to erase all zoning codes in every community that takes CDBG funds. Cities that do not comply will jeopardize their funding but not right now.  HUD will wait until there are years worth of projects in various stages of completion and then will pull the…


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The Radical Transformation of America; what can we do?

The Radical Transformation of America;

what can we do? Copyright 2014

An essay by Ken Moyes

Amateur Constitutionalist

July 18, 2014


Recently, I found myself alone at home and thinking about what has happened to our country, our Constitution, and soon our way of life.  I fell…


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Water Conservation - 'save the river'? Look at real solutions not 'feel good' regulations

Letter to the Editor:


I read the recent ‘SV Herald View’ with regards to County water regulations.


Let me provide a different perspective.


The concern voiced is for the San Pedro River.  If the goal of water conservation is the preservation of the river, then let’s look at some facts and use those to…


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Repeal and Replace the 17th Amendment by State Referendum


by Joanne Daley

Repeal and Replace the…


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Obama Care and our Socialist Government

Waivers and Favors:  Healthcare Reform, Obama-Style

By Marilyn M. Brannan


September 30, 2013

Almost from “day one” following passage of the “Affordable Healthcare Act,” this obnoxious law has proven to be nothing more than a sleazy racket, the objective of which is more power for an ever-growing and ever-more-corrupt…


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Two Issues


THE TWO ISSUES DIVIDING AMERICA What is America really arguing about?  What is the battle going on between Liberals and Conservatives, between Democrats and Republicans, between President Obama and Republicans like Senator Rand Paul?  Is it a "war on women"?  NO!  Is it "gay rights"?  NO!  Is it voter ID. NO! Is it racism? NO!

All these types of things are side shows that have been created because they don’t want the American…


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Congressional Hearing on EPA, IRS in Mesa

More than 550 people showed up in Mesa on Thursday to attend the Congressional Field Hearing I held with fellow Arizona Congressmen Franks, Salmon and Schweikert concerning IRS abuse and EPA overreach. It is important, now more than ever, that we hold the federal government responsible for its invasive actions against its citizens, our state and our local governments.

Actions taken by activist bureaucrats are increasingly egregious. Arizonans across the state are…


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*TARS, College Republicans, and Young Republicans are the only auxiliaries of the Republican Party.

Greetings and Salutations,

Some food for thought:


F*A*C*T  S*H*e*e*t


*“Nationally, Obama received a whopping 69 percent of the Hispanic vote -- an even higher percentage than in 2008 -- and, with it, the swing states of Florida, Colorado, and Nevada.

(21 reasons for Obama's victory and Romney's defeat - Tom Bevan is the co-founder and…


Added by James L. Simmons Sr on March 4, 2013 at 6:18am — 1 Comment

Obama's Inaugural / State of the Union ....A Time to Protest!

Folks, being nice in war and politics doesn't cut it.  It's time the National Tea Party get some real gonads and start exerting some real pressure on Obama and his cult of Socialists.  If this Tea Party is to be anything substantively like its' namesake it is time to start using the escalation of force used by the party of our Founding Fathers.  A good beginning would be a major demonstration at Obama's inauguration.  Follow that up with a group walk-out during his State of the Union…


Added by Mike Ligon on January 12, 2013 at 4:51pm — 5 Comments

Federal Budget - Fiscal Future

I've just read a book by David M. Walker, former comptroller general and CEO of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (the nation's top auditor), entiled "Come Back America: Turning the Country Around and Restoring Fiscal Responsibility".  If you want an explanation of how we got where we are (in debt to our eyebrows) and suggestions how to begin to climb out of this pit and avoid insolvency, read this book.  Walker lays out the problems…


Added by Jacqueline O'Connor on January 5, 2013 at 11:36am — 3 Comments

The New Year

is now upon us.  What are our strategies ?  What can we do to grow our membership and to alert the sleeping citizenry to the ever increasing POWER over us by the Obama admin and his minions?

As so many of you know, I am for educating the uneducated.  Not with politics...the uninformed are not aroused with anything that does not PERSONALLY effect them.  That is one of the reasons that I wrote my book THE MIRACLE OF SELF POWER.  Even the semi-conscious is interested in them 'selves'! …


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ObamaCare State Exchanges - Archive History of Exchanges

Final Talley: 26 States Opt Out, 6 Partner and 18 States Accept the Full Obamacare

Brewer rejects state-run health exchange for Ariz.  (WE DID IT!!)

by Paul Davenport, Associated Press

Posted on November 28, 2012 at 3:25 PM

PHOENIX (AP) -- Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has decided against creating a…


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Newtown, Conn. Aftermath

This outbreak of random killings isn't something that happened overnight and doesn't have a single cause but when you look at those who do these killings there are several things in common: mental illness of some sort, violent video games, movies and TV programs, easy access to guns and the last few killers have been highly intelligent.  The other common denominator that  is totally ignored, is the media itself.…


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To Hell With the Republican Party!

I’ve been a registered Republican since returning from Vietnam in 1971 – 41 years.  Recently I’ve spoken with so many shocked conservatives who believe it was Romney’s fault for one reason or another.  A former boss of mine this evening said it was actually good Romney didn’t win because the economy is so bad it would only have made the GOP look worse when Romney couldn’t fix it.  He believes Romney’s loss only improves the GOP chances in 2016 because Obama won’t have the GOP to blame for…


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A Moral Storm

"... the structure of our public morality crashed to earth. Above its grave a tombstone read, "Be tolerant--even of evil." Logically the next step would be to say to our commonwealth's criminals, "I disagree that it's all right to rob and murder, but naturally I respect your opinion." Tolerance is only complacence when it makes no distinction between right and wrong.”  - Sarah Patton Boyle   This quote was the last dialogue narrated in the movie "A (or The) Moral…


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