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August 2010 Blog Posts (5)

Restoring Honor Part 2

Restoring Honor Part 2

I left off, in my last segment that the music has started, the geese have flown and the crowd waits in anticipation for Glenn Beck. I have heard it said by the media that the rally was a big church picnic. Maybe

so. Yet, I can’t imagine a better group

of people to have a picnic with. The

announcer comes on and introduces the man and the crowd goes wild. As he says, “Hello…


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Restoring Honor Part 1

August 30, 2010

It is 3:40 p.m., Arizona time. Jim and I have been home from our trip to “Restoring Honor” rally for a little over an hour. Both of us got up at what would have been 11:00 pm yesterday to catch our D.C flight back home. Needless to say I am tired and Jim is

too. Yet, I want to start writing

something now before I begin to forget the details of the restoring Honor


We arrived…


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Benson 9/12 Tea Party Meeting: Get Out To Vote 8/21/10

What a great meeting and great talks on “Why we should vote.” We started out with the Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer, and a wonderful rendition of Glory, Glory, Hallelujah on the harmonica.

Where else can one go and enjoy the blessings of God, the patriotism of song and stand together in allegiance to the Republic of these United State. I could have gone home after that feeling good but there was more.…


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Tea Party Rally On The Border

On Sunday August 15th 2010 the United Border Coalition heled a Tea Party Rally. The Tea Party was heled on the Glenn Spencer (also known as the American Border Patrol) ranch in Herford Arizona.

The rally was set up in order express support for SB1070 written by Senator Russell Pearce who also attended the event. "We have an invasion going on in this country, that is about to destroy this Republic", said Senator Pearce. He also said we need to educate…


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United Border Coalition TEA Party Rally in Hereford, Arizona

Today, was fun, hot, and a revival of what makes America great. The United Border Coalition TEA Party Rally in Hereford, Arizona had about 500-600 people to rally together absorbing support from our Arizona Candidates, support from folks that came as far away as Hawaii, and to

listen to our most excellent sheriffs, Arpaio and Devers.

We sat out in the sweltering heat with our sun…


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