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September 2011 Blog Posts (2)

raided due to a lack of a donation

Hi Joanne,


I beg to differ that the only reason for the raid was a lack of a donation.  Obama and his appointed crony thugs (the most current in a long line of anti-American politicians) have control over the strong arm divisions of all federal departments and they are using those “public servants” to ridicule, intimidate and control those citizens in “We the People” that object to the violations of our Constitution and the socialization of our country. (remember Ruby Ridge,…


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Here it comes, get prepared

Hear it comes…

I mean to be blunt! Maybe it will wake up some of you that are asleep or in denial that it cannot happen in America. Has anyone read my blog post about the dictator in our house and the takeover of our country? (link)

How much proof do you need? Is stating current/new laws that violate our constitution and take away rights not enough? How about another real life example of Hitler’s Gestapo type tactics on an American…


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