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December 2012 Blog Posts (4)

ObamaCare State Exchanges - Archive History of Exchanges

Final Talley: 26 States Opt Out, 6 Partner and 18 States Accept the Full Obamacare

Brewer rejects state-run health exchange for Ariz.  (WE DID IT!!)

by Paul Davenport, Associated Press

Posted on November 28, 2012 at 3:25 PM

PHOENIX (AP) -- Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has decided against creating a…


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Newtown, Conn. Aftermath

This outbreak of random killings isn't something that happened overnight and doesn't have a single cause but when you look at those who do these killings there are several things in common: mental illness of some sort, violent video games, movies and TV programs, easy access to guns and the last few killers have been highly intelligent.  The other common denominator that  is totally ignored, is the media itself.…


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To Hell With the Republican Party!

I’ve been a registered Republican since returning from Vietnam in 1971 – 41 years.  Recently I’ve spoken with so many shocked conservatives who believe it was Romney’s fault for one reason or another.  A former boss of mine this evening said it was actually good Romney didn’t win because the economy is so bad it would only have made the GOP look worse when Romney couldn’t fix it.  He believes Romney’s loss only improves the GOP chances in 2016 because Obama won’t have the GOP to blame for…


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A Moral Storm

"... the structure of our public morality crashed to earth. Above its grave a tombstone read, "Be tolerant--even of evil." Logically the next step would be to say to our commonwealth's criminals, "I disagree that it's all right to rob and murder, but naturally I respect your opinion." Tolerance is only complacence when it makes no distinction between right and wrong.”  - Sarah Patton Boyle   This quote was the last dialogue narrated in the movie "A (or The) Moral…


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