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High Value Targeting

Much complaining has been heard about the leftist media ignoring or outright covering up critical issues and outright violations of law and constitutional rights of American citizens.  Other than actual drug users, the most common addiction of Americans IS the MEDIA - particularly television.  Just like bank CEOS, the media depends on shareholders / subscribers for their existence.  Wars can't be fought without money.  George Soros wouldn't be one of the wealthiest persons in the world…


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America's Autopsy: An Overdose on the Heroin of Hedonism

Three months after the 2008 Obama victory I was driving to work at Ft. Huachuca, AZ.  I was driving down Brainard Drive alongside the runway enjoying the crisp, winter morning sunrise when I felt this almost overwhelming nausea in my stomach.  The "still, small voice" in my head shouted "Obama is going to be RE-elected!"  I wasn't even thinking of politics at the time.  Now, I believe in the Lord's admonition in James 1:5, but I also believe that epiphanies occur unconsciously as synergism…


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Agent Ivie Killing Unraveling

Last night on KVOA Channel 4 News, Tucson I heard an intriguing update on the facts surrounding the "friendly fire" killing of Border Patrol Agent Ivie.  News anchor Christie Tedesco said the latest information released by the Cochise County Sheriff's Department was that the responding male and female BP agents and BPA Ivie linked up, had their flashlights on, were in constant communication through their radios, and that they had identified each other.  That's…


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Benghazi NEO, Military....Quo Vadis?

Just as the pentagon has contingency operations plans (COPs) for invading every country in the world (announced publicly by SecDef Rumsfeld), every State Department residence abroad is required to complete a Non-Combatant Evacuation  Operation (NEO) packet for situations exactly like what's happening to our embassies throughout the Middle East.  The existence of these packets is not classified but their contents are. Almost every nation in the world has such contingency plans.  These NEO…


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I've Really Had Enough......

of people from other counties telling me who to vote for for Sheriff and that person needs to take up the torch and be the Constitutional warrior that Larry Dever was..  Oddly, it is always Rod Rothrock they want me to vote for because someone they know who knows someone who knows Rod who thinks he is a nice guy but doesn't have a clue about what his platform is much less what he looks like.   Pardon me??  I should pay attention to all this drivel…


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Cochise County Sheriff.....The BIG Difference!

I’ve met both candidates for Sheriff.  In my opinion one is much more personable than the other. I couldn’t put my finger on it until I read one’s  bio.  He was a military policeman. It’s an axiom among municipal LE officers that the worst the military could do is give an 18 year-old a badge and a gun with the commensurate absolute power they possess on military installations.  That’s why most civilian LE agencies require applicants to be 21 years old.  Having the “color of authority” by…


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Water Water Every Where, Part I

for the ChristianNews  9/24/2012

Water, Water Everywhere, but Nary a Drop to Drink


In a desert, water is essential for anything to survive, we all know that and don’t need anyone to tell us.  Here in Sierra Vista it is no different even though we are a high desert  community surrounded by mountains with a little added humidity.  Currently there is a controversy about “water” that leaves many local people wondering whether there…


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the Arizona Health Care Exchange

Following are documents about the Health Care Exchange and why we need to put pressure on Gov Brewer and all the legislators to stand up for State Sovereignty and the will of the people:

The Arizona Health Care Exchange

Our Governor, Jan Brewer, is still sitting on the fence about setting up the Health Care exchanges in AZ.  She has a lot of opposition and…


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Dreams From My Father


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Obama Pops A Long Fly Ball Into Foul Territory. Will GOP catch it? (New Immigration Policy)

Please read this article regarding Obama's new immigration policy of "prosecution discretion".

It is largely an empty move in order to garner votes from a collectivist hyphenated demographic.

Obama ALMOST Got something right?

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Time for New Blood

We all knew this was how it would end. Disappointment and no one to represent us in CD8. Jesse Kelly blew his one chance to win in 2010 and then lost to a rubber stamp for Obama in 2012.

Jesse, go do what you do best, working in industry. There is no shame in going back to what you do best.

I am tired, so tired, of having people represent themselves as conservatives then turning their backs on us in the general election.

Someone give me some hope here, please!

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Facts We Should All Know

1. Democratic Senator, Kent Conrad says we are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar our government spends.

2. 2008 U.S. tax records show that the wealthiest 1% pay 38.02% of all Income Taxes.

3. 2008 tax records show that the bottom (based on wealth) 50% pay…


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Debt Increase Under Obama



To The Editor:

American voters are you worried (or even interested) yet?

The national debt when Barack Obama took office (1/1/09) stood at $10.6 Trillion. 3 years and 4 months later, the national debt stands at $15.6 Trillion. This is an increase of…


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Democrats Hate Budgets


Democrats Hate Balanced Budget

In 1995, during the Clinton Presidency, the Senate defeated a proposal to create a Balanced Budget Amendment to our Constitution by one vote. The vote was 65 in favor to 35 against (proposal needed to pass with 2/3 majority). Three fourths of the States would need…


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Battle for America



The battle for the financial survival America, with the greatest standard of living in history, started with the recent historical midterm elections. The American people spoke loudly by voting in lots of fiscally conservative candidates for both Federal and…


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To the Editor:

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a report card for a President to help American voters decide how he did. Here’s my report card for President Obama:

Budgets (his administration passed zero in 3 years) F-

Deficit/Debt Management (worst debt…


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To The Editor:

Cochise County and America have two very different visions to vote for this year. First, let’s clear up a big issue. The housing bubble that lead to the financial collapse was caused mainly by the policies of the Democratic Party pushing their agenda that…


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What Caused the Financial Collapse?

The Democratic Party has blamed almost everyone for the financial collapse and the terrible economy they say President Obama inherited.  They blame George Bush, Wall Street, Greedy Bankers, etc.  Here's a more honest description of what really caused the collapse.


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Arizona Balances Budget and Reduces Size of Government

What a story that almost no one knows.  In a time when cities, counties, states, and the federal government are drowning in debt, just look what the State of Arizona has done in the last 3 years.  

In just 3 years with a group of "conservative" legislators working together for the State of Arizona they did the following:

1.  Erased a $ 3 billion budget deficit.

2.  Produced the Arizona's first balanced budget in over half a decade

3.  Downsized…


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