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414 to 0 Defeat of Obama Budget


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Shout Out to Larry Deaver On National Review's The Corner

Click on the link below. We have some problems with our Sheriff's in Arizona, but not in Cochise County! Go Larry Deaver!

Doug Smith

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Is The IRS Targeting the Tea Party?

Follow this link to Big Government (h/t Drudge Report!) to find out about the creepy letters the IRS is sending to Tea Party groups across the country!

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How is Unemployment Calculated?

Sierra Vista Herald

Letter to the Editor



Unemployment rate …


Do you know how it is calculated?  Did you know that once you no longer receive unemployment benefits you are no longer ‘counted as unemployed’?   So as millions reach the 99th week limit for unemployment….they are no longer counted in the government numbers.  They are, however, still unemployed.


Once a job is gone – a business closes, down-sizing, these jobs are not…


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It is important for the organization to establish itself as a real organization for purposes of growth and continuity.  The following are the documents required to achieve that end.  They are posted here for your considertion and comment.  Please review them as they will be the guildelines for this organization as you want it to be.  This is YOUR organization and needs your committment and support to make it a…


Added by Joanne C Daley on October 8, 2011 at 11:30am — No Comments

raided due to a lack of a donation

Hi Joanne,


I beg to differ that the only reason for the raid was a lack of a donation.  Obama and his appointed crony thugs (the most current in a long line of anti-American politicians) have control over the strong arm divisions of all federal departments and they are using those “public servants” to ridicule, intimidate and control those citizens in “We the People” that object to the violations of our Constitution and the socialization of our country. (remember Ruby Ridge,…


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Here it comes, get prepared

Hear it comes…

I mean to be blunt! Maybe it will wake up some of you that are asleep or in denial that it cannot happen in America. Has anyone read my blog post about the dictator in our house and the takeover of our country? (link)

How much proof do you need? Is stating current/new laws that violate our constitution and take away rights not enough? How about another real life example of Hitler’s Gestapo type tactics on an American…


Added by dave parker on September 7, 2011 at 11:27am — 1 Comment

A dictator in our house

I do not like to say this, but I like putting my head in the sand and ignoring reality even less.

For those with ears to hear,

With few exceptions, politicians and government workers believe they are above the law and that they are immune and no longer responsible or answerable to the electorate.

The media is filled with examples of national level government workers and politicians that have that opinion.

I have first hand knowledge of state workers and…


Added by dave parker on August 21, 2011 at 1:39pm — 1 Comment

Tribute to Sheriff Larry Dever and the First Responders

If you were not lucky enough to make the Tribute for Sheriff Larry Dever and the Monument Fire First Responders then you missed a great evening.  The MC for the evening was Dan Abrams and he did an outstanding job.  His opening statement was incredible and I want to share it with everyone because he expressed the essence of what we all feel here about those who keep us safe and secure:


Good afternoon. I’m Dan Abrams, a proud…


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July 15 2011 Raffle Items and Sponsors - Updated!

We have collected the following items for the Raffle at the event on 15 July 2011:

Arizona Citizens Defense League, Inc - 2 - Sustaining Memberships; 2 - T-shirts

Ramsey Canyon Feeds - $50.00

Outback Steakhouse - Gift Basket and gift cards

Allsafe Gun Shop - Giant Knife

The Belt Factory - Wallet

Chosin Gun Shop - T-shirts, hats, drink koozie and signs

Jane Campbell - Waterford Crystal Clock, Crystal Holographic Angel and Crystal Egg…


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Pizza Fest for Monument Fire Fighters


We heard about this and think it is a great idea! Read the attached pdf as soon as possible! Orders must be placed by 8:00 PM, Monday, June 27th 2011.



Doug Smith

Treasurer, 912 Project Cochise County, Tea…


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All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

I read the following article with great difficulty. Though I do not, necessarily, agree with the extent of the authors beliefs, I do agree with the major premise of this article because I, also, am a disabled vet and it reflects much of my own thoughts.

(Cautionary Note: is an affiliate of, a blog site that promotes progressive, Marxist and socialistic ideas.   From their “about us” page: “…we work to spread reliable…


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Brazilian Oil Loan and drilling in the Gulf

I would like to recommend that all members of the Tea Party movement start an Email, Telephone and mail campaign to all of the Senate and House of Representative to stop President Obamas Loan to the Brazillian Government and and the authorization for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and everywhere else until they have issued the permits to all the U.S. companies who have applied for permits. It is idiotic to grant loans to foreign countries and permits to foreign countries while our own…


Added by Frank W. Pyle on March 25, 2011 at 4:45pm — 1 Comment

FRY Fire Department Mo. Mtg...Interesting....


Fry Fire Department Monthly board Meeting - first attempt so may not have gotten it all....highlighted a couple of items


FFD = Fry Fire District

FFC = Fry Fire Chief


By way of information and introduction - The Fire Fry Board is voluntary, made up of 5 members.


Reports included – Fire Chief, financial report, review of warrants issued during the past month,…


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A Nursery Rhyme revisited

The Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick maker

A Nursery Rhyme revisited

The butcher spends his time converting livestock into meat and poultry products and then puts the results of his time and effort into the open market.

The baker spends his time and effort making bread and pastries and soups and sandwiches. People come into his little shop for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The candlestick maker puts his energy and talent into…


Added by dave parker on February 28, 2011 at 1:12pm — 1 Comment


Three very full days of non-stop information and opportunities.  It will take days for me to sort through all the info that I picked up and put into a comprehensive format.  Suffice it to say it was a huge success and do we have a lot of work on our hands.  I will post info and descriptions on this Blog Site and ask that those who attended in person or on line give your feed back as well. 


This is an exceptional opportunity for us to educate ourselves and all the people in…


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The commerce clause - abused by the feds

This is a letter posted to (book referred to is one of the best I have seen on how and why our Constitution was written and what was the mind set of our founders)

Mandatory Health Care and Interstate Commerce

During the recent discussions on Health Care, one former Congressman held up a copy of the Constitution and asked the TV host, “Tell me any place in the…


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Plan, Organize and Prepare

I can only see what I can see, And it frightens me to my core

Is civil war inevitable? Is America facing its worst crisis since the 1860’s? Is America the proverbial frog in hot water? I can only see what I can see and it scares me, it frightens me, it saddens me to watch this once great nation descend into irrelevant mediocrity. History is replete with nations that have gone quietly into the night and disappeared.

I can only see what I can see and I see…


Added by dave parker on February 19, 2011 at 8:35am — 1 Comment

It Is Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

The States are all facing budget crisis and it seems that the general public doesn't want to recognize that this is the end of the line.   The only states that will survive are those who are willing to take the most drastic measures to balance their budgets. A good example of the worst of our "society" is what is going on in Wisconsin.  The unions are out to  create havoc with the teachers and the kids be damned in spite of their pre printed signs that they are carrying. 




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