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The Sierra Vista City Council will be deciding whether to apply for CDBG grants now that Sierra Vista is a new "entitlement" city, at a special meeting Tuesday, August 12th at 3pm. HUD's new rules intend to erase all zoning codes in every community that takes CDBG funds. Cities that do not comply will jeopardize their funding but not right now.  HUD will wait until there are years worth of projects in various stages of completion and then will pull the…


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Repeal and Replace the 17th Amendment by State Referendum


by Joanne Daley

Repeal and Replace the…


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Congressional Hearing on EPA, IRS in Mesa

More than 550 people showed up in Mesa on Thursday to attend the Congressional Field Hearing I held with fellow Arizona Congressmen Franks, Salmon and Schweikert concerning IRS abuse and EPA overreach. It is important, now more than ever, that we hold the federal government responsible for its invasive actions against its citizens, our state and our local governments.

Actions taken by activist bureaucrats are increasingly egregious. Arizonans across the state are…


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ObamaCare State Exchanges - Archive History of Exchanges

Final Talley: 26 States Opt Out, 6 Partner and 18 States Accept the Full Obamacare

Brewer rejects state-run health exchange for Ariz.  (WE DID IT!!)

by Paul Davenport, Associated Press

Posted on November 28, 2012 at 3:25 PM

PHOENIX (AP) -- Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has decided against creating a…


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Newtown, Conn. Aftermath

This outbreak of random killings isn't something that happened overnight and doesn't have a single cause but when you look at those who do these killings there are several things in common: mental illness of some sort, violent video games, movies and TV programs, easy access to guns and the last few killers have been highly intelligent.  The other common denominator that  is totally ignored, is the media itself.…


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I've Really Had Enough......

of people from other counties telling me who to vote for for Sheriff and that person needs to take up the torch and be the Constitutional warrior that Larry Dever was..  Oddly, it is always Rod Rothrock they want me to vote for because someone they know who knows someone who knows Rod who thinks he is a nice guy but doesn't have a clue about what his platform is much less what he looks like.   Pardon me??  I should pay attention to all this drivel…


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Water Water Every Where, Part I

for the ChristianNews  9/24/2012

Water, Water Everywhere, but Nary a Drop to Drink


In a desert, water is essential for anything to survive, we all know that and don’t need anyone to tell us.  Here in Sierra Vista it is no different even though we are a high desert  community surrounded by mountains with a little added humidity.  Currently there is a controversy about “water” that leaves many local people wondering whether there…


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the Arizona Health Care Exchange

Following are documents about the Health Care Exchange and why we need to put pressure on Gov Brewer and all the legislators to stand up for State Sovereignty and the will of the people:

The Arizona Health Care Exchange

Our Governor, Jan Brewer, is still sitting on the fence about setting up the Health Care exchanges in AZ.  She has a lot of opposition and…


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It is important for the organization to establish itself as a real organization for purposes of growth and continuity.  The following are the documents required to achieve that end.  They are posted here for your considertion and comment.  Please review them as they will be the guildelines for this organization as you want it to be.  This is YOUR organization and needs your committment and support to make it a…


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Tribute to Sheriff Larry Dever and the First Responders

If you were not lucky enough to make the Tribute for Sheriff Larry Dever and the Monument Fire First Responders then you missed a great evening.  The MC for the evening was Dan Abrams and he did an outstanding job.  His opening statement was incredible and I want to share it with everyone because he expressed the essence of what we all feel here about those who keep us safe and secure:


Good afternoon. I’m Dan Abrams, a proud…


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Three very full days of non-stop information and opportunities.  It will take days for me to sort through all the info that I picked up and put into a comprehensive format.  Suffice it to say it was a huge success and do we have a lot of work on our hands.  I will post info and descriptions on this Blog Site and ask that those who attended in person or on line give your feed back as well. 


This is an exceptional opportunity for us to educate ourselves and all the people in…


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It Is Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

The States are all facing budget crisis and it seems that the general public doesn't want to recognize that this is the end of the line.   The only states that will survive are those who are willing to take the most drastic measures to balance their budgets. A good example of the worst of our "society" is what is going on in Wisconsin.  The unions are out to  create havoc with the teachers and the kids be damned in spite of their pre printed signs that they are carrying. 




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The 111th Congress Top 10 UnConstitutional Violations

Finally, a well concieved list of the latest Constitutional Violations of the Obama Administration.  What do Obama, Pelosi, or Reid think the Constitution is for if not to control government.  We should be rejoicing that the first order of business in the 112th Congress will be to READ the Constitution into the Record!!



At the close of the 111th Congress, America is deeply in the bog of Thomas Jefferson’s prophetic warning: “The two…


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