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Obama's Inaugural / State of the Union ....A Time to Protest!

Folks, being nice in war and politics doesn't cut it.  It's time the National Tea Party get some real gonads and start exerting some real pressure on Obama and his cult of Socialists.  If this Tea Party is to be anything substantively like its' namesake it is time to start using the escalation of force used by the party of our Founding Fathers.  A good beginning would be a major demonstration at Obama's inauguration.  Follow that up with a group walk-out during his State of the Union address.  Invite the Supreme Court justices to do the same - those that don't panic in the face of opposition.  Quit being nice.  Be rude.  Be BLATANTLY RUDE!  Despite the co-optation of the press to the Left, how can the mainstream media ignore an anti-administration protest during a presidential swearing in?  How can the cameras miss a significant number of the audience at the State of the Union address getting up and walking out in protest?  The leader of the demonstration and walk-out should have a list of grievances printed out to give to the media who would have to ask why.  Posters at the demonstration should ask "Where's YOUR budget Obama?", "Benghazi Murderer!", "Voter Fraud!" "Enforce the Laws of the U.S.!", "Stop Muslim Infiltration!", etc.  Before they walk out of the State of the Union Address they should yell out the same questions in the middle of Obama's speech.  The leader of these protests should begin each interview with this comment: "Barack Hussein Obama has lost the moral authority to preside over this congress and the citizens of the United States of America by failing to faithfully execute his oath of office - in that (list of charges follows - as in the Declaration of Independence)   ............."

Let's start conducting legal disturbances that will embarass Obama and  undermine his much touted positive media image.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease.    In my opinion it is the only way to prevent a third and fourth term by this monster.  In the words' of Colonel Parker at Lexington, "If they mean to have a war, let it begin here!"

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Comment by j fredenburgh on February 8, 2013 at 2:04pm

look at my post on 'by the numbers' state of the union.

Comment by Mike Ligon on January 22, 2013 at 3:24pm

Well! A fellow Taurus!  I knew we had a lot in common!  My birthday's April 28th.  Glad to hear of the 39% non-politicians entering the beltway.  I hope they've been innoculated against the Beltway Virus of Imperialism.  That seems to have the trend for the last two hundred years. 

What does "we are not going to let [anyone] make it about anything BUT the Constitution" mean?

       I regress a moment to your comment regarding persons "sitting on their computers believing it is participating".  I agree 110% with that.  That's why I joined the Marines, Special Forces and fought the fight on the border for ten years -before requesting to serve my country again during this latest incursion as a voluntarily mobilized retiree.  My professed bias is against those armchair quarterbacks who avoided military service (or chose "safe" jobs in the military) simply because they feared dying for their country.  That includes Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and hundreds of millions of other "men".  I'm also biased against those who complain without investing any effort in reading our historical narrative documents or the actual laws / executive orders that are passed - as was the case recently at a TP meeting when rantings against the Patriot Act  occurred but no one - not even the elected representative present - had actually read the Act.  I've lived by Teddy Roosevelt's creed "The Man In the Arena" my whole life.  So, I agree that "sitting on a computer" in not participation.  Neither is avoiding service to one's country.  But, on the other hand, as our Founding Fathers concluded, Committees of Correspondence go only so far.  When those committees finally realized that King George was not only not listening but responded with even more repressive measures, they resorted to more direct approaches - beginning with boycotts.  That is NOT "giving in" to progressive communists" - it is resorting to measures to prevent their success.  It's called escalation of force.  I have the doctrinal pyramid of insurgency tactics used by "people's party" 'progressives" for the last seventy years. I've participated in countering those for the last 30 years.  Pacificism does not work against totalitarianism.   

     Mao said,, "Politics comes out the barrel of a gun."  That's the policy that has always guided ill-disguised "progressives".  Why do you think the New Black Panthers felt bold enough to use clubs at voting polls?  Because they new their back was covered by the Socialists in the White House and the Attorney General's office.  Victory is within their grasp.  They won't give up gaining control of the world's wealthies nation without a fight.  They are depending on the pacifist conservatives to remain so as they steamroll right over them.  That's what happened to the Jews in WW II, the Hungarians (some of them) in the '50s and every other government that remained cemented in peaceful methods in the face of totalitarianism. 

      I know because I have fought it on three continents. So I believe I've earned my place at the computer. 

If the enemies of our Constitution have no limits to the amount of subversion, agitation, and outright force go to further their usurpation of our Constitution, we, like our Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence, have no recourse but to resist more actively.  The Constitution wouldn't have been BORN without a military revolution.   And, I hesitate to say, demonstrations supporting the Constituion within politically secured geographic areas of operation have less effect on the struggle than the flutter of butterfly wings on a hurricane in the Atlantic.  That may be why the CCTP has difficulty gathering more than 10-15 attendees at meetings.  With a modicum of strategic thinking at the national level, more effective courses of action can be identified and utilized at the critical political nodes: 1. Congress, 2. key electoral college sectors, 3. state and local governments; 4. individual measures to boycott the MSM.  TPers need to start by voting with their pocket books by withholding their hard earned dollars from the major networks.  Yes, that means giving up the National Felony League whose players' union prohibit testing for steroids. the highest paid players are felons who contribute to the welfare state by fathering children they have no intention of supporting.  Stop being a Roman spectator at the Colliseum!   I've been going through some withdrawal myself in that area but I'm protesting the MSM's support -even guidance lately with the Dickerson Report- on how to "pulverize" the conservatives.  The most difficult problem for conservatives is that the ideological battle hasn't hurt them personally enough to take an active interest in what their retirement accounts are invested in (a house of cards) nor to turn off the T.V. to really hurt the MSM whose lifeblood is infusing advertising into America's IV of aural addiction.  A little research by enough people can create a strategic wound to the MSM, et al by attacking the critical node of finances.      

Conservatives should still walk out on Obama's State of the Union address with a printed manifesto citing his failures to preside over the nation.  A pacifist approach "not allowing [anyone] to let it become about anything BUT the Constitution' has failed to understand the context of the Declaration of Independence and how the Constitution came about.  If the NTP doesn't get more activist, it will become as irrelevant as the Republican Party.  The cost of freedom is higher that "being nice" or trying to convince our enemies to quit destroying our Constitutional freedoms.  I Founding Fathers knew that when they signed The Document.  The question is: Who is willing to pay that price NOW

Comment by Joanne C Daley on January 19, 2013 at 8:08pm

He, he, he,  Mike. ;-))

You're right-- this will end up in fist-e-cuffs and that is exactly what the progressive communists want but we are not going to let make it about anything BUT the Constitution.--- not re-distributing wealth, not regulations, not budgets, not race. 

Watch for some heated flares in the House this session.  39% of the new guys aren't politicians....MSM says they are not "experienced" in the ways of politics.  Hoorayy!! real people are in the House  who have had to work for a living and balance their check books!!!!  That is where the fireworks will start.  We need to be prepared to back them up.  Got a facebook page???  trying to get everyone on board just for messages because we will have to be extra vigilant from here on out and will need to respond quickly both to DC and Phx.

I come by this naturally...I'm a Taurus....can't help but be bull headed!!!

Comment by Mike Ligon on January 18, 2013 at 5:09pm

Touche' ....and OUCH!  You are absolutely correct about everything.  Glad to hear there was at least an effort to get permits.  I still believe real conservatives/constitutionalist elected members of congress should walk out on Obama at the State of the Union address. I admire your efforts and grit.  I'm not a group joiner - never have been.  I'm the type that goes from irritated to militant in one fell swoop.  I haven't seen anything else in the world that works - that really changes things.  Except for maybe Ghandi.  You're my Ghandi.  Good luck. 

Comment by Joanne C Daley on January 14, 2013 at 12:07pm

Apparently you didn't get the memo.... the Tea Party is dead. LOL!!  There was NO WAY to get a permit for the 21st in DC.  Many groups tried and were told NO by the NPS. The problem is that we don't have the bully pulpit of the MSM and anything that we do is scrutinized by them and they are making us the pawns in this debacle. We are not willing to be their whipping boy..... this is all on the Dems and Repubs... can't blame the Tea Party for anything.  We are NOT their parents.  You want rebellion then you need to start with the elected Representatives both Federal and State.    The difference between today's Tea Party and the one in 1751 is 93,000 pages of federal laws and the NDAA. The solution is educate, educate, educate.  Starting with the 2nd Amendment with the rest of the Constitution right behind it.  That day of rebellion is coming but if I can't get 40 people at a meeting then what makes you think for a second that you can count on them to follow your proposal??  Politics is NOT a spectator sport but people think sitting on a computer and spouting rhetoric is participating..... it is NOT.

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