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The Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick maker

A Nursery Rhyme revisited

The butcher spends his time converting livestock into meat and poultry products and then puts the results of his time and effort into the open market.

The baker spends his time and effort making bread and pastries and soups and sandwiches. People come into his little shop for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The candlestick maker puts his energy and talent into candles for lighting and decoration. He makes plain and fancy holders to put his creations into to please his customers. Village people buy the candles to light dark places and to decorate the homes they live in.

OK, I remember my parents reading this to me and I have read this to my children, so what is the point? The point is that all of the old nursery rhymes and fables have lessons that young children need to learn to prepare them to function in society.

A vibrant, prosperous economy has a base foundation of only one thing, people.  People with energy and creativity put their time and effort into what interests them and then put those products and services into the market place to trade for other goods and services. When people can spend their time and effort working at what interests them, they will produce and those products will benefit others. Those other people that buy or barter for the goods and services are in actuality buying the time and efforts of the producers, so, the producers get something in return for the energy they have put into the marketplace.

The butcher buys grain from the farmer and feeds it to his livestock, the baker buys meat and poultry from the butcher to make the soup, the candle maker buys tallow from the butcher for the candles, It’s a circle that benefits all participants.

Enter Cinderella, you know the story. Remember the step-mother and the lazy sisters that moved into Cinderella’s house? They refused to work, but, forced Cinderella to work long hours doing the work that they should be doing for themselves. The lazy sisters would prim and primp and say “Look at me, look how beautiful I am. Look at our fine house. Look at how important I am.”They moved into Cinderella’s house and took credit for all the work she was doing. They shared her work and efforts amongst themselves and gave very little to the one person that deserved it most. They stole time and energy from Cinderella, made it their own and gave nothing but insults and empty promises in return. Sound familiar?

So far, the story is just a child’s fable, but let’s bring it into the real world. If we call the butcher Farina dairy, and the baker that Denny’s restaurant that closed down and the candlestick maker the home builder that left, then we have real life examples we can talk about.

These producers are only a few that have taken their businesses and jobs elsewhere and our community is the worse for it. The circle has been broken by public “servants” that are not our servants at all, they believe that they are our masters.

There is a law of the universe that says that in every society, there are those that crave power and those people gravitate towards government positions because it is there that they can acquire power and control over others.

When Supervisor Richard Searle sat in my office and said “If new people coming here want services, they can move to Phoenix”, that reflects an arrogant selfish attitude that does harm to everyone in this county. When Sharon Thomas was running for the board of supervisors, she said “The highest and best use for land in this county is to be vacant”, that also reflects an attitude, an attitude that takes time and energy and value away from the people in this county.

I am sure that you, also, know of examples of public “servants” that are more interested in nepotism, cronyism, graft, largess, backroom deals, and a basket full of corruption of all sorts. The local paper is filled with stories about the corruption in this county and it is only the tip of the iceberg, there is much more that is not reported. A certain hospital is trying to keep quiet some rumors about several millions of dollars that have been “misplaced” and more than one fire department is involved in nepotism, negligence and assorted corruption. The board of Supervisors has very recently passed a new hazard abatement ordinance regulation that says:

"A person, firm or corporation shall have created a public
    nuisance and committed a violation of this ordinance if such
    person ... permits... rubbish, trash, weeds, filth, debris or dilapidated buildings to remain upon any other private or public
    property in the County not owned or under the control of the

Read that again! Since when is a person liable and punishable for some other persons actions???? Talk about unconstitutional, overreaching, out of control, dictatorial government mandates. And then there is SEABHS and a certain city council…….. It goes on and on. Like Cinderella’s lazy step-sisters, there are people here that will lie, cheat and steal just to make themselves more important in the eyes of others, what have we done to ourselves? The corruption in this county is astonishing!

Thankfully not everyone here is like that, but the comments above show the size and scope of the problem we face. If we are to win the battle, (yes, we are at war) we need to own up to the truth and recognize the problem and the associated attitude and root it out everywhere it is found. Two hundred and thirty five years ago, we kicked out the king and his feudal system and we do not want them back again. Daniel Webster (we see his work now as “Webster’s dictionary) said “There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters”.

Is this the kind of county government that you want? I think not, it is time to clean our house.

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Comment by j fredenburgh on March 27, 2011 at 8:00am
Dave, got behind in my reading on the web page...just read your article.  I've started attending the Fry Fire Dept board meetings; am also familiar with the situation you referenced regarding another fire dept and believe it is being addressed.  I'm going to post each month on the fry fire give a read and any ideas for questions are welcome...

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