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Three very full days of non-stop information and opportunities.  It will take days for me to sort through all the info that I picked up and put into a comprehensive format.  Suffice it to say it was a huge success and do we have a lot of work on our hands.  I will post info and descriptions on this Blog Site and ask that those who attended in person or on line give your feed back as well. 


This is an exceptional opportunity for us to educate ourselves and all the people in Cochise County.  We have been given lots of tools to do what needs to get done to take back the Congress and Presidency by Constitutionally committed candidates from the City Council to the Presidency.... and yes, it is important that it start at the very grass roots level of representation.  This is a journey of policy stabilization and regeneration of the values of the Founding Fathers.  If you are willing to take it then you will need to step up and lead.... 


Step one is to determine your sphere of influence whether that is two people or two hundred.  Make a list of those that you talk to regularily--not necessarily those who agree with you politically or you have even talked politics with, but those that you talk to. This may seem simplistic but it is necessary. You will be surprised to see who and how many people that you have the opportunity to educate.  Bear in mind that those people will also educate others as well.   


What will follow will be the tools for you to use, both subtle and blatant,  to start your personal campaign to change the political policy process necessary to restore our republic.   The left has had 40 years to create this country in their image -- we have 40 MONTHS.  The first 24 were very successful.  The next 16 are critical!!


The one sustaining thought is that this is happening across the country in every State in the union at every level of government.  We have only just begun to "fight"....


For liberty,


All tyrannny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.......Thomas Jefferson

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