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of people from other counties telling me who to vote for for Sheriff and that person needs to take up the torch and be the Constitutional warrior that Larry Dever was..  Oddly, it is always Rod Rothrock they want me to vote for because someone they know who knows someone who knows Rod who thinks he is a nice guy but doesn't have a clue about what his platform is much less what he looks like.   Pardon me??  I should pay attention to all this drivel because....???


There has been controversy ever since this whole Sheriff thing started and I think it needs some clearing up and cleaning up and full explanation of why I've had enough!  As Tea party people we have learned that we cannot rely on anything we read or hear about candidates if there is not specific proof to back up what is said and more than one source. If you cannot find accusations in writing or speak to the horses mouth do not repeat what you are told because you are only perpetuating lies. This is a terrible disservice to the people who have stepped forward to put themselves out in the public to represent you. 


The morning after the decision of the PC's to place Mark Dannels on the ballot I get a call from a friend in North Carolina saying "the ranchers" are all upset because the "Tea Party sabotaged the selection of the Sheriff's candidate and that should have been Rod Rothrock.  He was  Dever's pick to replace him"......really!!  well, he wasn't the PC's choice to place on the ballot.  


I will admit that many of the tea party members made many phone calls to people they knew were PC's to tell them to be at CCRC at 2:00pm for the selection of a candidate to replace Dever on the ballot or "sign a proxy and name your choice." Never was a specific candidate recommended as the Tea Party choice.

I made this clear to my friend in NC and also that Rothrock's behavior following the vote was anything but  professional ( stomping out mumbling "This is bullshit!!").  Additionally, I had received 3 emails from people from 3 other counties telling me that I should contact anyone that I knew on the "attached list of PC's" (the coveted PC list that the tea party could NOT have because it was '"private" had made the rounds of at least 3 other counties and nobody is questioning the ethics of this distribution??)  and tell them to vote for Rothrock because they knew his wife who was a nice person.  Copies of the PC list being distributed around the state was out of line as was soliciting people from other counties into pressuring the elected PC's to vote for a specific candidate.

The morning of the vote there was an email circulated on the internet by a news source that was detrimental to Mark Dannels claiming that he had to leave Oregon after a few months because he did "something un-ethical" (not defined in the slightest) concerning a case in Oregon.  When I searched the web I found the opposite.  Truth told, Dannels was in Oregon as the Chief of Police for 3 years, received a Medal of Valor from his fellow officers for solving a cold case and cleaning up the police dept.  When I forwarded the information to the person who started the internet rumor he didn't bother to forward a retraction or send correct information.  That is important because I've since had 3 other people bring up the rumor but not the truth-- that information never quite made it to them or probably to anyone else.  This was also an attempt to discredit a candidate with false accusations.  Apparently, it is OK to do that to a candidate if the right candidate didn't win....  Smacks of the likes of Tammany Hall!

A few days later my friend called back after speaking  to "the ranchers" and said no it wasn't the Tea party it was really "Gail Griffin" who also made calls to PC's trying to pressure them into voting for Dannels".  Sen Griffin did make calls and did NOT mention who to, or not to, vote for just that there would be a vote and the PC's needed to be there. Again a blatant falsehood. My friend said that I would get a call from the person who started all these rumor mills and dis-information and we'd square the situation. I never did I get the call, but that person managed to write a letter to the Editor of the Herald making the same accusations about political pressure on the PC's to vote a certain way and against Rod Rothrock when the only contact made with the PC's was on BEHALF of Rod Rothrock.   hhmmmmmm


People who were NOT at the PC meeting have made false statements about the selection process and what went on in the room and have no problem repeating what they did not witness nor did the person who they "heard" it from. I have tried to respond to these statements  neutrally as possible but I can no monger do that. I will from here forward tell the truth as I know it to be without consideration of neutrality.  My failure to do so will allow innuendo and lies will be the winner in this election.


The final straw was today.  I received another missive from someone in another county telling me how to vote for MY Sheriff.  Here is why I lost it and here is why I truly have had enough!!

If you are a patriott and support the Constitution,  Rod is the obvious choice for replacing a true patriot and Constitutional Warrior, Larry Dever.  In these troublesome times,  this country needs true patriots and men and women of great character,  to stand against the evils that we are now confronting.  Everything from the horrific Mex. cartels to the illegal and anti-constitutional fed. govt. that threatens our heritage and our freedoms.  All citizen patriots need to vote and to do so wisely.  Never has our country been so dependant on it.  As former president of the Arizonans for Border Control and a member of the Az. Border Defenders,  I strongly urge those citizens of Cochise Co. to support Dep. Chief Rothrock in his quest for the honorable ofc. of C.C. Sheriff.  We here in Pinal/Pima Co. will be cheering for our fellow citizens to our South as this election affects not just Cochise Co. but our entire country.  Ron Thompson

Immediately following was endorsements for Rod Rothroch (sic) from 8 people who commented on the ability of Deputy Rothrock to do his job and one even channeled Larry Dever for his endorsement.  My fed up response follows:

Rod Rothrock is not the "obvious choice" for replacing Larry Dever.  It is true that Sheriff Dever promoted Rothrock to the position of  Chief Deputy but since Sheriff Dever is no longer here, to assume that he would be supporting or stepping down to let Rothrock run for sheriff is like believing in the tooth fairy.  Sheriff Dever chose to run again in 2012.  If he would have been so confident in  Rothrock's abilities he would have stepped down and gone fishing with his grandkids...... he didn't. 

What you fail to mention here is that the Precinct Committeemen of Cochise County chose NOT to place Rod Rothrock on the ballot in place of Sheriff Dever--this should give YOU pause.  If he was such a shoe in then why didn't Rothrock get the nod from the people in Cochise County in a land slide??  Mark Dannels was chosen as the party candidate after all candidates had the opportunity to address those present,  He has also been endorsed by the following LEO organizations: Cochise County Law Enforcement Association (Deputy Sheriff Association), Sierra Vista Police Officer's Association, Arizona Highway Patrol Officer's Association, Benson Police Officer's Association, and supported by Local Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 28. International Assoc of Fire Fighters Local 2146, And the only person being endorsed by "Sheriff Joe" and just retired SV Fire Chief Ken Kimmel and many others in the profession. 

So what do endorsements mean anyway?  Endorsements don't elect candidates---voters do!  Voters don't elect candidates based on who endorses them they do it on the basis of what they know about the candidate and these candidates for Sheriff have more than made themselves available to the voters around the county in every opportunity.  They have been very generous with their time and have tried to make appearances at every venue  they are invited to and will continue to do so until and including election day.  In other words, the voters of Cochise County do know the person they are electing.

As a citizen of Cochise County I have received unsolicited emails from many parts of the state by individuals telling me to support Rothrock by people who don't live here much less know any of the 6 candidates running for this office and in many cases know Rod Rothrock either.  This is offensive to me.  There is nobody in this state who understands what OUR Sheriff means to the safety and security of OUR communities because of the open border, drug cartels, smuggling, murders, thefts, lack of support of the federal government, in fact,  the constant assault on Cochise County by 20 plus federal agencies of the  Federal Government.  The Sheriff that we elect already has enough to face with all this without thinking they have any obligations to anyone but the citizens of Cochise County.  Having heard all 6 candidates I can tell you that 4 of them are well aware of what they are facing in this county and don't expect to be Larry Dever either and have been clear on who THEY are and who they will be as our Sheriff.

To be truthful, I really don't give a crap about how this election will "affect not just Cochise County but our entire country" because FIRST and foremost it effects us.  Maybe it is time for the voters of the rest of this state and the rest of this country to call YOUR Sheriff and make them protect YOU and your Constitutional interests and quit thinking that the next Sheriff of Cochise County is going to pick up where Larry left off because he is NOT! It took 16 years for Larry Dever to be America's Sheriff Larry Dever and that man was taken from us far too early.

Here's a shock: YOU are now on your own and it is up to YOU and YOUR Sheriff to step up and be the man you thought Larry Dever was.  If they can't do that then get rid of them, including recalling any that are not running for office this time, if you think they can't measure up.  At Sheriff Devers Memorial Service Sheriffs who had worked with him on various situations around the country  for years came to tell US what a great man he was and how he impacted their lives......... but not ONE  said they would pick up his sword and fight his fight with the feds for border security.  NOT ONE!!

This election is for OUR Sheriff--you in Pima have our own Sheriff you need to vote for.  Use Sheriff Dever as a measure for the man you elect if you want but don't expect OUR new Sheriff to worry about anyone or anything outside of the boundaries of Cochise County.  This election is about Cochise County and we will elect the man that we feel will best protect and defend our interests.  We also will not expect that man to be another Larry Dever, we will expect him to be his own person that will uphold, protect and defend the Constitution for Cochise County.


What I said about the Sheriff's at Sheriff Dever's Memorial hit me a few days later when I realized that in all the flowery, funny speeches they gave they lamented the fact that he was gone--not that they should have any responsibility as his friend and fellow Sheriff to take those lessons he shared with them over the many years about our fight for border security.  It didn't occur to them they needed to be Larry Dever now--they needed to do it for Sheriff  Dever and the citizens in Cochise County. 

When I heard the candidates, who were also his friends, say they would not be Larry Dever and couldn't fill his boots but would do the job to the best of their ability I realized the enormity of the expectations of everyone for these men to be someone they are not. Everyone from here to North Carolina  intend for one of our candidates to replicate our former Sheriff too and they want a say so in who we vote for.  Not only that, but somehow it's our obligation to find a clone.  We're not!!  WE are electing OUR Sheriff and to hell with the rest of the State and the Country.


To put this issue to rest I want to add that the is no room in any election for pettiness, back biting, and innuendo but especially in a race for the position of Sheriff.  The Sheriff is the only Law Enforcement officer in the United States who is elected by the people. The person who holds this office needs to be above reproach and operate in an ethical and honest manner and that includes those who are part of their campaign. Allowing those who represent you to be underhanded is a reflection directly on the candidate.  Before you vote for the Sheriff you need to examine the facts and vote responsibly because this is the most powerful office in the state and you do not want to put someone in that position who ethics are questionable.


PS:  In a letter to the Editor Chief Deputy Rothrock denied knowledge of the Cochise County Deputy Sheriff's Association.  This should clear up the confusion.  A copy of a letter to the Deputy Sheriff from the General Council for CLEAA, Mike Storie, who represents the Cochise County Deputy Sheriffs Assoc.  can be found here:





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Comment by j fredenburgh on October 30, 2012 at 8:06am

Excellent, thank U for speaking out.

Comment by Katie Miller on October 29, 2012 at 1:27pm

Thank you Joanne for bringing this up in a concise manner. I am sick to death of all the story telling that is going on in the County. We need to talk to the candidates and them make your own decision. I agree that Rod Rothrock putting the ad in the paper that he did was unconscionable. Obviously Mark Dannels would not have listed any organization as an endorsement if it did not exist. I have personally spoken to several deputies in the county and find they all are backing Dannels although they feel they have to do it silently. That should tell you something also.  We need someone as Sheriff that is going to watch out for our County not the nation at this time. That election is another office like the President.  I just want to feel safe again and know that the Sheriff will have my back and protect my Constitutional rights and stand up for the 10th Amendment.

Comment by Joanne C Daley on October 29, 2012 at 12:10pm

After I wrote this my husband showed me the 1/4 page ad that the Rothrock campaign put in the paper on Sunday.   This ad brought the discussion from the facebook page that few people actually look at, into the political campaign by disparaging his own deputies and their fraternal association. Whether there are 6 or 201 members of the Cochise County Deputy Sheriff's Association is inconsequential the fact that a candidate would cause divisiveness within the ranks of those who work under him is unconscionable.  Now, if he wins what does that mean to those who belong to that organization??  Was this "doing the right thing for the right reason"?? for the people who work under him........ if you think so, please explain because I don't get it!!!

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