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This outbreak of random killings isn't something that happened overnight and doesn't have a single cause but when you look at those who do these killings there are several things in common: mental illness of some sort, violent video games, movies and TV programs, easy access to guns and the last few killers have been highly intelligent.  The other common denominator that  is totally ignored, is the media itself.

The media has totally run amok with violence in movies, TV programs, internet, video games because they have First Amendment "free speech" rights and can depict anything they want to anyone any time of the day.  It is  that same media wants to ban the Second Amendment for EVERY American when a killer acts on their lack of self control and shoots up a school.  Where do you think they got the idea?
The media has sensationalized each of these killers and the killings by running the news 24/7 on every station.  Even the traditional alphabet stations interrupt programming for the latest bulletin or run a crawl along the bottom of the screen.  They thoroughly process all the finest details of each massacre.  First they start with suppositions from tidbits of information they piece together creating violent scenarios of who, what, where only to have those "facts" refuted as soon as the Police have their first press conference---usually hours after the media has been spouting hyperbole for hours.  They then re-run all the gory details for days afterward.

Any person who has been watching these last few massacres has had repeated lessons on how to thwart the  security systems, who to target, what weapons to use, even what time of day is best for the biggest effect.  This is why there are copy cat killings following everyone of  these sensationalized crimes and the media wonders why.  

This country has gone into moral decay for the last 4 decades where the progressives have infiltrated the schools, government, and the media with their secular dogma.  I do not belong to any organized religion but in my lifetime I can clearly see that this started when God, right and wrong, and the 10 Commandments were removed from the schools  and public buildings because of the flawed reasoning of "division of Church and State".   Everything has to be "fair" now, not right or wrong.   Everyone is a winner and there is no longer any personal responsibility for your actions.    

Mental illness is tolerated and accepted as part of  "who you are" even when they can be dangerous to themselves and others.  The mentally ill have been mainstreamed and you can't segregate them or you will hurt their self esteem when they should be separated and nurtured in a safe environment for them.   What is the first thing that gets said about these killers from those who grew up with them?? "Doesn't surprise me" !!!

Back in the late 80's the mentally ill were removed from the specialized hospitals and let out on the streets because " that is where they wanted to be" and they are still there and growing in numbers.  What this country has done to the mentally ill is totally deplorable in the name of giving them their "rights".  They have a right to push shopping carts, they have a right to sleep over grates and scream at people on the street, they have a right to go to public schools, they have a right to scare their classmates and they have right to not be treated with medication.  It is probably not politically correct to say so but, ergo, by progressive reasoning,  they have a right to kill and  society pays the consequences of  their rights.

The progressives fight to save the funding for abortions while they are cutting the funding for the mentally ill as they have been doing since the late 80's. Back then there was no such thing as Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD or autism or the myriad of syndromes emanating from these disorders.  You sat still in class and you paid attention or you sat in the corner. If behaviors were extreme you went to a “special school” where teachers and aides were trained to handle those behaviors.  We can send drones into pinpoint and take out terrorists but we can’t find the cause of these sudden disorders like autism??  There is something clearly wrong with the general thinking and common sense today and where our elected officials chose to spend our tax dollars.

If we truly want to stop these killings then we need to return to what DID work and reopen hospitals and facilities where the mentally ill can receive their specialized treatment and needs for life if necessary.  Obviously, there is a breakdown when parents are left to their own devices with adult children who are mentally ill and society does not require the parents to be responsible parents NOR provide the facilities that could handle their situations.  

In these last few sensationalized cases they have been young men who lived with ill equipped parents with easy access to guns of the parents, relatives or neighbors.  If they had been in safe environments with strict care they would not have had the ability to cause these horrendous massacres.  Why is it always young men and never young women?  What is the gender specific causation of this epidemic?  We don’t know,  but we can sure stop the whole thing with “gun control”.

..... and that whole paragraph will send some people into orbit but we have to be realistic and face some hard facts and those are the facts.  Until RESPONSIBILITY and common sense is returned to the public discourse  through a return to God and our churches and synagogues for those who have strayed from their religion; and  legislation for the secular progressives  that requires they take personal and financial  responsibility for their own progeny and spend our tax dollars to provide care facilities instead of abortions; and the media  accepts their culpability in maybe being just a little responsible for the unintended results of  their constant graphic displays of violence in programming, pictures, and days of constant depictions of brutal crimes it will only be a few more weeks before we are asking ourselves AGAIN “why did this happen?...........”

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Comment by Bruce M Piepho on January 28, 2013 at 8:31pm

Excerpt from Dr Whitacher's news letter February 2013  See all the details at:

The dangers of psychiatric drugs—information that isn’t being discussed or even acknowledged. If these drugs’ adverse effects—and their lack of efficacy—were common knowledge, antidepressants and antipsychotic would not have raked in nearly $30 billion in sales in 2011. One in 10 Americans over age 12 wouldn’t be on antidepressants.

The 14 school shootings and the 10 murders and murder-suicides listed on page 3—(see attached PDF file) which left a total of 102 dead and 131 wounded—were all committed by individuals who have been positively identified as having been taking or withdrawing from antidepressants or other psychiatric drugs.

We’ve become psych drug junkies. Feeling tired and sad? Having trouble with weight, insomnia, and making decisions? Never mind if you’ve lost a loved one or you’ve been binging on sweets or you’re a person who weighs decisions carefully. You fit the criteria for a diagnosis of depression, and your physician may well prescribe an antidepressant.

Federal aw requires that all antidepressants carry “black box” label warnings (the most serious type of warnings) stating they increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior in children, adolescents, and young adults.

Product inserts also list additional adverse effects, including worsening depression, anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, hostility, aggressiveness, impulsivity, mania, and akathisia.

What happens when a psychiatric drug harms someone? Nothing! Despite tens of thousands of reports to the FDA of psychiatric drug-related violence and suicide, other massacres that involved the use of these medications, and solid scientific research—including warnings on the medication labels themselves—there is no hue and cry, no action at all!

What about Congress? Why hasn’t there been a federal investigation into these horrendous catastrophes, which occur with disturbing regularity? Why isn’t Big Pharma, makers of the most dangerous of all consumer products, held accountable? Drug companies make billions of dollars selling medications they well know can cause severe psychotic breakdown.

Big Pharma pays the FDA millions in fees to approve and license their products, and the ties between these two entities are so tight that it’s been described as the “fox guarding the henhouse.” Pharmaceutical companies have more paid lobbyists and donate more to political campaigns than almost every other industry. And virtually all news outlets, particularly the large ones, are heavily supported by Big Pharma’s advertising dollars.

To learn more about the adverse effects of psychiatric drugs, visit the Citizens Commission on Human Rights website,


Comment by j fredenburgh on December 31, 2012 at 9:46am

There was a bus crash yesterday in Oregon...'the bus killed 5 people'...that is democrat we should outlaw buses.  But we must remember it has nothing to do with safety and EVERYTHING to do with control.  Subjects do NOT have guns (King George or Obama); citizens do...for a reason.

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