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Those of us that have followed the tenure of John McCain know that he is a Republican/Conservative in name only. With the latest actions taken by the hypocritical Mr.McCain, we see that he is doing everything possible to diminish the Tea Party in Arizona. By eliminating people from the Tea Party from district offices within the Republican party, he is trying to pave a path for a possible run for the Senate in 2016. It is time for the Tea Party to step up and begin applying pressure to the Republican party. We the Tea Party helped put the Republicans into control of the Senate and the House yet they try to eliminate us. Even though it galls me to say so, it is possible that the Tea Party might need to back a Libertarian candidate in the future. Given the choices of a RINO , a liberal , or a Libertarian, the Libertarian begins to look good.

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Comment by Lee R. Chadbourn on June 16, 2016 at 9:09pm

Someone tell me, as I keep asking this question.  Has Kelli Ward fully endorsed and fully standing behind Donald Trump?  If not, is there anyone?

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