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Water Conservation - 'save the river'? Look at real solutions not 'feel good' regulations

Letter to the Editor:


I read the recent ‘SV Herald View’ with regards to County water regulations.


Let me provide a different perspective.


The concern voiced is for the San Pedro River.  If the goal of water conservation is the preservation of the river, then let’s look at some facts and use those to drive our actions.


The cottonwoods are not native trees.  They were not here 100 years ago.  Consider thinning the trees.  Each mature cottonwood uses approximately 100 gallons AN HOUR during the summer.  That equates to approximately 72 million gallons of water for 10,000 trees during three months of the summer.  Thinning the trees would provide better habitat for the ungulate species, while retaining habitat for migratory birds and saving water.


Consider removing the non-native mesquite; which provide “clearings for wildlife habitat”.


Conservation should be a priority for everyone, a personal choice.  Instituting regulations that cannot be enforced on existing homes seems counter-productive.  They ‘sound good’ but accomplish nothing.


Educate the public.  That way you have voluntary buy in; and voluntary compliance.  Utilize Upper San Pedro Partnership and the Cochise Water Project to distribute information to new home owners; existing owners; and new residents purchasing existing homes, about the removal of invasive plants like desert broom and mesquite.


Perhaps the rural community is provincial…and perhaps that is why we live in the county.   We are responsible for ourselves; look out for each other; and actually do conserve water because we are on private wells and understand its importance.

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Comment by j fredenburgh on May 9, 2015 at 11:00am

Sierra Vista is in the sub-watershed of the San Pedro, we are not 'dependent' on the river for water.  We hare 'required' to make sure the river flows (no control over Mexico, but hey, that is not 'their' concern)...The Feds and BOS are 'concerned' about the 'river' because of the fort (which they have no control over anyway, but think they can 'impact' in a positive manner)....

This article was written as part of the Self Governance classes to take back control of our instituted government....interested? give a holler, it works.

Comment by mike compton on May 9, 2015 at 8:16am

The City of Benson has decided your water future for you!!!!!!! By allowing 28,000 homes to be built in the Whetstones with 40,000 people estimated to occupy them.    

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